Kellogg's Advent Calendar £4 @ Tesco

Kellogg's Advent Calendar £4 @ Tesco

OMG! My kids would absolutely LOVE this! Kellogg's have only gone and released an Advent Calendar. It's full of Kellogg's Variety Boxes of Cereal. There's only one place selling it just now - Tesco and it's priced at a very reasonable £4.

What's in it? There isn't much information about the Kellogg's Advent Calendar floating about but it says there's 24 bowls of cereal in each, so that suggests to me that there 24 Variety Box size of Cereal.

You can expect Coco Pops, Rice Crispies, Frosties, Corn Flakes and possibly even more.

I quite like the idea of this, it means I can give the kids the enjoyment of an Advent Calendar but also feed them their breakfast at no extra expense. Rather genius if you ask me.

These are available online with Tesco so should be currently available in Tesco stores too.

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Reply to
  • Nikki A.

    forget chocolate, shall we have a cereal advent calendar?

    • Siöbhan M.

      It’s 3 normal packs in a cardboard surround, can’t open doors to cereal, it opens to a joke or character and you take the cereal as you normally would

      • Jenny M.

        • Siöbhan M.

          Jenny Mason I bought it

          • Jenny M.

            I wasn't contradicting you, I was posting the info to back you up.

            • Siöbhan M.

              Jenny Mason ahhh, did you buy it ? It’s a rip off really

              • Jenny M.

                It is a con. Not what I would call and advent calendar, they usually have gifts behind every door and this doesn't. I was going to buy it but they'd actually sold out, I found the info about it when I was trying to locate some online.

                • Pauline P.

                  Aww, I thought it was gonna be 24 mini packets. One for each day! What a con :rage::sob:

                  • Siöbhan M.

                    Pauline Guild Pearce I know, only realised when I was home, more annoying is that the packs were on offer £1 each so I paid for a cardboard slip :rage:

                    • Caroline T.

                      So it’s 3 packs of cereal? Not the mini ones like the variety pack? I bought 4 of these for my lot.. meant to collect them from Tesco Saturday... do u reckon I can return?

                      • Siöbhan M.

                        Caroline Tongue I’ll send you a pm and show you

                        • Sharon M.

                          Isn't it 3 packs of 8 minipacks?

                          • Kelly M.

                            Sharon Morgan yes it is

                            • Julie-Ann B.

                              Siöbhan would you mind pming me a pic please too x

                              • Siöbhan M.

                                Julie-Ann Barson they don’t allow pic uploads on here but I will pm you

                                • Kayleigh W.

                                  Caroline Tongue it’s 24 little ones

                                • Emma A.

                                  Lol! Lily would love this one. Theres luterally one for everything this year though. What next? Bog roll?

                                  • Rachel A.

                                    Orla and Ollie would love these

                                    • Abby N.

                                      I'll have this cheers xx

                                      • Suzie C.

                                        ... the kids breakfast sorted for december :ok_hand: xx

                                        • Jodie Y.

                                          They have them in Tesco pembury xxx

                                          • Emily E.

                                            We got our advent calendars today woop woop :open_hands::open_hands:

                                            • Carly M.

                                              I’ve bought one for my daughter coz she loves her cereal!

                                              • Melanie E.

                                                Just 3 boxes of cereal :joy:

                                                • Michael M.

                                                  Omg I want it!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                                  • Mat R.

                                                    We will have to get belle one :slight_smile:

                                                    • Lucy O.

                                                      Lol only the cornflakes would get eaten :joy:

                                                      • Rob B.

                                                        24 bowls? i bet I would only get four breakfasts out of it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                                                        • Libby M.

                                                          It looks good but when you described it properly it was rubbish!

                                                          • Jenni B.

                                                            Exactly! Looks good but it's just the normal boxes and a picture advent calendar! It's poop!

                                                            • Libby M.

                                                              Thinking about it It would be huge if it was 25 little boxes of cereal

                                                              • Carol D.

                                                                These are rubbish a card advent calendar packaged up with 3 packs of eight multipacks of cereal