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I recently was sent a sample of JooMo Face Wash for Girls to review for PlayPennies. The product is the first completely natural one of its kind (so they say) and is meant to be very gentle on young skin. Now as I have two pet teenage girls in my world, I thought they would make fantastic reviewers.

The first of these lovely young lasses is my sister (long story) and she suffers from oily skin that is prone to pimples in that frustrating T-zone. She was reluctant to try it at first considering how carefully she selected her face products but one look at my pleading face and she caved.

Her initial reaction was that the JooMo face wash smelled heavenly. And I am inclined to agree. It has this wonderfully spicy smell that makes you dream of hot cross buns and warm Christmassy drinks. The lotion itself is creamy and not too foamy.

My sister felt that the lotion didn’t make a huge impact on her pimple problem, but that it didn’t dry out her skin like many other brands did either. Her verdict was seconded by my other pet teen who used it willingly and said that she did feel that the JooMo reduced her spots and her blackheads noticeably. In fact, she has said that she would actively go out and buy this product for herself. And that is high praise indeed.

For my sister, the product is not ideal as her skin demands very medicinal, high level products to control her acne. For my pet teen it was a complete win.

The JooMo face wash is available in both girl and boy flavours and costs £4.75 for 100ml which lasts for about a month of two washes a day. The product is completely natural, smells heavenly and appears to not dry out young skin. This is a first for the industry and I really think a fab step forward. Make a great Christmas gift actually...

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