Is Your Child Ready To Write Their Letter To Santa?

Best Letters To Santa

Writing letters to Santa has moved on a bit from when I was little. In those days you wrote your letter and I don't actually remember ever receiving a reply. Times have changed though and these days there's a wide range of options available, including email.

One of the longest running, and most popular offers, is from Royal Mail. All this costs is the price of two stamps. You have to include one on your letter to Santa and another on the S.A.E. enclosed for Santa to write back. Your letter must be received by December the 6th and the address to send them to is :

Santa/Father Christmas,

Santa's Grotto,



You can find out more about that here if you wish.

Another massively popular option is from the NSPCC. These letters can be ordered free of charge but as the NSPCC is a charity, they do accept donations when you order a letter with the suggested donation being £5. If you want to order one of these, you can do that here. There's a few templates to choose from and you can basically design the letter from Santa to look the way you want. The cut off dates will vary depending on your location but can all be found here.

The offer from the RNIB is similar to the one from the NSPCC. You can order a Santa letter free but they do accept donations. These letters are for children who are blind or partially sighted and come in uncontracted braille (grade 1) contracted braille (grade 2) large print (specify the font size) or audio CD. All letters have to be received by December the 1st and you must include your child's name and address, a contact number, in case the RNIB need to contact you with regards to the Santa Letter, your choice of format and whether you want the reply in English or Welsh. The address to write to for this one is :

Santa Claus,


PO Box 173,



You can also email Santa here and those have to be received by December the 18th and the email address you'll need is

The RNIB encourages children to be as creative as they wish and love to receive drawings as well as, or instead of, letters. You can find out more about that here.

There's also lots of free templates online if you want to print off and post your own letter from Santa. Free Letters From Santa Claus has lots of different options to choose from and is very user friendly.

No matter which option you choose make sure you send your letters off in plenty of time. Santa gets millions of letters every Christmas and needs plenty of time to reply.

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