Is It Too Soon To Put Up My Christmas Tree?!

Is It Too Soon To Put Up My Christmas Tree?!

When should you put up your Christmas tree?

That’s a topic of contentious debate in my house right now. I’ve decided that tomorrow is the day – we have an elaborate day out planned, which revolves around choosing a tree from our local Christmas tree farm. But some of my household think it's still too soon to put up the Christmas tree.

‘You can’t put up a Christmas tree until it’s December,’ cried my son, who has apparently read some sort of law book on such things. He also reckons gin-filled Christmas tree baubles aren’t acceptable decorations. Bah, humbug.

Thing is, every single year, Christmas sneaks up on me and takes me by surprise. One minute it’s Halloween and I’m mentally plotting how organised I’m going to be this year. Then all of a sudden it’s the week before Christmas and I’ve left everything till the last minute again. And there is nothing quite as joyless as joining the crowds of other disorganised, stressed-out people thronging the streets and shops in the lead-up to Christmas.

So this year is going to be different. Oh, yes. I’m going to begin a month-long festive celebration that starts on December 1st – and that gives me 12 more days to get my act together. I am determined that the month of December will be stress-free and filled with moments of festive, family fun. Which means having my cards written, my halls decked, and my Christmas tree up while it’s still November.

To be frank, I can’t understand why anyone *wouldn’t* want to put their tree up ‘early’ in November. Why not get your money’s worth from your Christmas tree, for starters? And why not soak up every drop of festive feeling while you can?

So, despite my son’s protestations that it’s too early to put up our Christmas tree, we’ll be having a festive family day out tomorrow, involving Christmas shopping, choosing our tree, indulging in Christmassy treats and hot drinks at a Christmas market as darkness falls so we can ooh and aah at the lights, and then home to decorate the tree together. With Elf on the telly in the background, of course.

But I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is it still too soon to put up a Christmas tree? Or have you had yours up for ages already? Leave us a comment below, come and join the conversation on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to take part in our poll. Don’t let me down, now – I fully intend to show the results to my son to justify the fact that tomorrow is indeed the *perfect* day to put up our Christmas tree…

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  • Shelly W.

    for u xmas eve is too early :joy:

  • Leah F.

    1st weekend in Dec for us

  • Richard M.

    I'd say put the Christmas tree up somewhere near Christmas, like December maybe...

  • Ann-marie C.

    Was always 2 weeks b4 xmas but since i had kids it goes up 1st fri in dec. NEVER november!!! Thats just sad!

  • Jade S.

    First Sunday in December for us

  • Maria C.

    I agree, no Christmas activity until after 21st November, tree will go up next weekend :christmas_tree::santa_tone2:

  • Arlene R.

    1st of December, November is far too early for me. I love Christmas but it feels odd in November. Each to their own though, no harm done in enjoying the festivities longer.

  • Becca W.

    Put it up whenever you want!!!!! Why should anyone blinking judge! You like Christmas? you put that damn Christmas tree up why should anyone else care!

  • Katie P.

    Mines gone up today. :slight_smile: My children’s excitement today is exactly why, it goes up mid November every year & my Family love it. Though I do get the odd comment off some as if I’m putting my tree up in their house :joy:. Each to their own I say, I don’t need any negativity. :raised_hands_tone1:

    • Angharad D.

      i cant wait to put mine up... i love christmas... we put ours up 1st dec as the boys have recieved a parcel from santa, their advent calanders, and the naughty elf haha... xxx

    • Katie P.

      yea we do that on the 1st too, the elves put their Christmas bedding on, advent calendars & the elf on the shelf. This year we happen to have a visit from sparkle the elf on the 1st

    • Angharad D.

      exactly what we do... weve already watched a load of christmas films already xx

  • Amanda R.

    Mine would of gone up this weekend but my little one is away so it’s next weekend instead....always put the tree and decorations up just after the town lights get switched on!x

  • John R.

    Thomas said he will Come up and help you put the tree up :innocent: x

  • Andy W.

    yes 30th feb is a good day

  • Vicky L.

    Mines up today. We’ve had family day out and the kids have been singing and doing a little Christmas ‘show’ for us. Plus it has got them thinking about Father Christmas and presents and being good so win win all round! :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

  • Nicky K.

    Goes up after my Sons Birthday on the 25th. Just because he is very excited and we have to plan the lights outside the house as well.

  • Melanie A.

    Ours has gone up today :grinning:

  • Natalie P.

    Cmas eve eve for me. And down box or day after :scream:

  • Emma J.

    Mine is going up next weekend. My son is away with his dad for Christmas so I really don't care if people judge x

  • Cherri H.

    Oh I'm not sure is it or not?

    • Rachael O.

      It is definitely not too early:blush: mine comes down Boxing Day xx

    • Rachael O.

      I normally do last weekend in nov but it’s a busy weekend next week xx

  • Michelle M.

    Mine has been up for two weeks!!!

  • Maria C.

    Aye that’s fine, you’ll need to get a tree descended from the ceiling this year there is no chance it’ll stay standing x

  • Nicola D.

    Of course it's too early, anything before December is too early! But of course it's up to them when it goes up :wink: what really makes me laugh though is all these people who 'love Christmas' sooooo much they just have to put the tree up 6 weeks before and are then bored of it and 'had enough of the clutter' by boxing day :joy::joy::yum: maybe if it was put up 12 days before as is traditional it would still feel exciting into the New Year!!

    • Nicola D.

      That's lovely then Moira Burgess, lots of enjoyment and Christmas spirit :blush:

    • Ruth H.

      My Dad wouldn't pay full price, so our tree was bought and put up on Christmas Eve. I didn't realise why until I was older. :grinning:

  • Dannielle C.

    I think it just gets earlier every year and loses some of the excitement if you put it up too early x x

  • Lee C.

    Errmmm no wait until December :grin:

  • Sally M.

    If it's not up yet you've left it too late :joy:

  • Karen P.

    Just put mine up today and the excitement in this house from my babies....unreal. Can never have too many days of Christmas :kissing_heart:

  • Moira B.

    My trees up in November I don't take it down till the middle of January, I've decorations from my late mother, ones my kids and grand kids have made, love being seeing all these memories, not having them stuffed away in boxes.

  • Rebecca B.

    My birthday is on the November 15th, son's is 19th November (today!) and hubby's is 23rd November so definitely no tree up until after all of the birthdays! Usually the first weekend in December so we can all decorate as a family.

  • Kirsty B.

    Usually first weekend in December but going up today my sister in law put hers up last night we are both xmas obsessed more so since we had our boys xx

  • Tracey P.

    Do what makes you happy, what business is it of anybody else?!

  • Tessa F.

    Mine will go up during the first weekend in December. If I put it up now I'll be sick & tired of it by the time it's Christmas... but each to their own really.

    • Lynda P.

      I know ! Running late on the schedule! Lol Xx

  • Neesha K.

    get ya tree up :santa_tone2:Christmas :evergreen_tree:

    • Caroline K.

      I’m ordering it today! :smiley::christmas_tree::smiley::christmas_tree:

  • Peter T.

    Well, advent starts on 3rd December so the weekend after that for us

  • Janet H.

    In The week before Christmas , no sooner . Then take it down 12 days after . Partly because they do not always survive looking their best ( if fresh one) partly as o don’t do Christmas before my birthday at the end of November. And partly as I’m too damn busy !

  • Nikki A.

    Even if I wanted it to go up today... I don't have enough room for it as my living room is ram packed with boxes for my daughter's school's shopping event. Roll on Thursday when I can have my living room back!

  • Rhoda B.

    I voted ( too early of course!!!

  • Beth T.

    I always put mine up first weekend in Dec. I love Christmas but find it really stressful so like to keep the lead up quite short! Not judging tho as people should do what makes them happy!

  • Tony H.

    I’ve got my tree up.....up in the loft

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