Innotab In Stock £79.99 @ Boots

The Innotab has become one of the Must Have gifts for 2012 and are selling out everywhere. As of today Boots has these in stock and you can get them for the stock standard price of £79.99. At least you won’t be spending over the odds as you would on Amazon or eBay!

I am completely against the Innotab if I am honest. The device isn’t that good, doesn’t work very well and is extremely expensive. After you’ve bought several games to go with it, you may as well have bought an iPad or a Transformer and loaded it with better games that cost under £1 or are completely free.

However, if you still want an Innotab in spite of my warnings, you can get one per customer at Boots. And, if you add something else to your pile and make the purchase over £80, you can get £10 off using the code EMAIL80.

Thanks to linzi2301 at HUKD!

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  • SlayerKat
    lol your comments made me chuckle

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