All Inclusive Red Sea Winter Break £329 @ Travelzoo

All Inclusive Red Sea Winter Break £329 @ Travelzoo


If you’re sitting at home beating yourself up for having not made any plans to get away this Christmas, then perhaps this deal to the Red Sea will tickle your fancy. Here you get quite a tasty package that includes pretty much everything, for £329 per person at Travelzoo.

This all-inclusive deal is to Sharm el Sheikh and has been reduced from £500 to only £329 per person. It includes your flights, all your meals, drinks and snacks throughout the day and is for seven luxurious nights.

This is a fantastic price and, if I wasn’t already going away, I’d be booking it right now. Awesome! They also have a special running where the first 50 people to book will get a free upgrad to a Pool View Room.

I am not sure what that means. Is the other view of the loo? It does raise my suspicions as to the wondrousness of the hotel rooms but, at that price, I can spend all day outdoors. Really, I can.

Thanks to Dantooine at HUKD!


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