Homemade Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

Over the past few weeks I’ve been focusing pretty heavily on homemade Christmas gifts as I think many of us would like to receive something that’s been made with love. It also helps to cut those costly corners at Christmas and really does bring back that sense of giving with caring. Many people have stopped giving presents to adults and only give to kids, I veto that! No! Grownups love pressies just as much as anyone else and here are 10 ways you can make them something special.

1. New sew sachets

If you happen to have a ton of lavender growing in the garden or can get your mitts on some lovely potpourri, then this is a total win for the kids to make. You need some fabric scraps and some smellies and some fabric glue and you’re away. Just match, measure, cut and glue. You can even make these in different Christmas shapes for fun.

2. Recycled lid magnets

These are so cute and can be used to make stunning Christmas gifts for grandparents and parents alike. Take a bunch of old bottle lids and transform them into brilliant photo magnets that you can use on your fridge, bedrooms, bathrooms or anywhere that takes your fancy.

3. Homemade Chia pets

How awesome are these dudes? And you can eat them. These homemade Chia pets sport the simplest of ingredients and at the lowest possible cost and will definitely make mom and dad very happy indeed. I absolutely love the simplicity of this craft.

4. Vegetable and fruit printing

Thinking of getting rid of that boring old t-shirt? Think again. You can make awesome designs onto your tees using fruit and veg hiding about your house. Grab those pears or carrots or cucumbers and turn them into artists utensils with this extremely awesome tutorial. The best part is that you can wrap these up in tissue paper and present them with total flair as they look as good as shop bought!

5. Gourmet caramel apples

Ok, I want these. Gimme. And they are just too delicious for words. Kids can get completely involved in this process as it is all about getting messy and having fun while making these apples. Oooh, a tasty Golden Delicious wrapped in caramel and chocolate? I can think of far worse things to get as a gift this Christmas…

6. Salty peanut brittle

Yeah, this is made with sea salt and looks amazing. You can make it and wrap it into gorgeous fancy bundles and give them away alongside the Chia pets or magnets. Really a fun project as kids will adore smashing that peanut brittle when you’re done.

7. Super chunky cookie in a JAR!

You thought I’d stopped giving you amazing Christmas gifts in a jar ideas? Wrong! This one is a total scrumptious, drool-a-minute winner with these enormously chunky chocolate pieces and a very simple recipe. Get an idea on how to make the jar here and then print out the instructions for the recipient over here.

8. Something by hand

This idea from Martha Stewart is so beautiful. Just buy some fabric crayons or fabric paint. You can also get fabric paint in squeezy bottles now. And then let your tots loose on lovely items that parents or grandparents will love. My favourite has to be the handkerchief for grandpa.

9. Leaf bowls

One of the UKs best crafts for kids blogger has come up with an astonishing array of ideas over the years and now Red Ted Art has got leaf bowls! These are a guest post, but they are gorgeous and would be simply adorable handmade Christmas gifts. The kids will also have a lot of fun I reckon.

10. T-shirt rug

You’ll need to do quite a bit of prep on this one at first, but once you’ve got all those old t-shirts cut up and ready go to you will find this quick going. It will probably take quite a while, but this is a truly stunning Christmas gift.

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