Gorgeous Christmas Sparklies @ Shimmer ‘n’ Sparkle

25 October 2010


It isn’t very often that I uncover a gem of a website while I’m travelling through the internet. You know what I mean, a site that has delicious stuff at great prices and just in time for what I need it for – that is rarer than that golden harp. Well, Shimmer ‘n’ Sparkle really caught my eye when I realised that they sell Links of London bracelets £75 cheaper than the shops. How’s THAT for Christmas brilliance?

The Links of London sweetie bracelets along with one charm, a links bag, box, care card and charm gift tag is only £25. A brilliant starter kit for people who want to get in on the trend.

Their children’s jewellery is really stunning. Hello Kitty watch necklaces are going for £7.95 and their crystal necklaces for £3.95. Children’s bracelets are for as little as £1.50 (adorable stocking fillers), and the necklaces for £2.50. They are cheaper than Tesco and far cuter.

I love the site. You can nab something for everyone for under £50 and sort out a whack of Christmas presents or stocking fillers with pizzazz. And the best part? It is owned, started and run by a mum who loves jewellery.

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  • mrs p.
    i recentley held a shimmer n sparkle party , 15 guests left very happy with purchase's so much so shimmer n sparkle returned a few weeks later so my guests could purchase more!!
  • deb
    I held a Shimmer and Sparkle party on the 20th October.It was fab all my friends bought something and a few more parties booked Thanks Wendy
  • jackie
    Obviously keep in mind that they are copies of the real thing!

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