Get Your Christmas Dinner For Just £10 With The Co-Op Frozen Meal Deal

Get Your Christmas Dinner For Just £10 With The Co-Op Frozen Meal Deal

It's back! The Co-op Christmas dinner meal deal is back in stores for Christmas. Time to fill those freezers and stock up on your Christmas dinner for just a tenner!

This offer will be instore from Wednesday 14th December and runs until the 3rd January 2017. You can fill your freezer for Christmas or grab some grub for New Year's!

You can get all of this for just £10:

Stuffed Turkey Joint
Mccain Roast Potatoes
Aunt Bessies Roast Parsnips
Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings
Aunt Bessies Glazed Sprouts
XXL Viennetta Choconut

Not only does it help with the cost of Christmas dinner it also takes the hassle out of spending all morning preparing Christmas dinner. Meaning you spend your morning with the family instead!

There's no vegetarian option listed but it might be worth speaking with your local store about an alternative.

Thanks to stoneblade.


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  • Ally W.

    We be aving this if I ain't got time go shopping x

  • Tara O.

    Hey , get onto this for Christmas Day! And a bloody Vienetta!

    • Adam M.

      :joy: Love Vienetta!

      • Tara O.

        i'm not a fan but I know a lot are lol

      • Becki B.

        that's ur dinner sorted :joy::thumbsup_tone2:

        • AnnMarie B.

          . baragin! even if u use it for a normal roast xx

          • Pauline S.

            That is an amazing offer for families on a budget, and gives them the opportunity to have a lovely cooked meal together and then add extra trimmings that they can afford accordingly.

            • Sarah L.

              Got this last year and again this year. Great bargain and the food is good

              • Lynsey W.

                I had some of the turkey joint last night so lovely.x

                • Linda K.

                  I got this deal and the turkey was lovely :thumbsup:

                  • Kate S.

                    I got this deal last year. It was great :)

                    • Kerry W.

                      Had this this evening the turkey and stuffing aren't great

                      • Sam S.

                        It's a good offer:thumbsup_tone1:xx

                        • Samantha A.

                          Seen this the other day my co-op ent got it tho :disappointed: x

                          • Sophie H.

                            What a brilliant offer for people on a tight budget this Christmas. :clap: Co-Op.

                            • Julie J.

                              And Asda are doing 20p veg :blush:

                              • Sarah L.

                                £9 with my student discount x

                                • Carol R.

                                  Got it! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

                                  • Malissa B.

                                    I comment on everyone of these deals and have never made it to a shop to buy them :joy:. It looks fab ! X

                                    • David C.

                                      That's a good deal babes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                      • David C.

                                        Al be eating turkey sandwiches for weeks with the monsters bird my mum has :joy::joy::joy:xxxxxxxxxx

                                        • Anne G.

                                          Gutted they don't sell this is the Aspull store near Wigan. :sleepy: