Free Video Message From Santa @ Portable North Pole

PNP Santa Message Well, it's official, Christmas is coming. I know this, because Portable North Pole have released their free video message this evening, just waiting for you to personalise it. I may have just felt a little tingling of Christmas cheer. And it's not even December yet, for shame.

To personalise this video, you will have to add some personal information. You start with the child's name, and you'll be asked to choose the right pronunciation, a little bit of attetion to detail that I think is fantastic. Then you'll need to add a photo of the child, either from Facebook or from your computer. Next you'll add their date of birth, where they live and your relationship to the child. 

You can get Santa to address the child as if they are 'nice', 'almost nice' or 'naughty' (but that seems a bit cruel to me!). You'll be asked to supply information like what jobs the child has had to focus on this year - I chose brush her teeth every night - and what toys they can expect for Christmas - I chose for it to be a surprise.

Once you've registered in the next step, you'll just have a few more clicks and ticks, and be able to watch, save and share your video.

It does take a few minutes to do, but it is quite lovely and very well done. Kids are sure to love it.

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  • natridley
    the childs name is harley-shay
  • amie85
    dear tommy and phoebe Hope Ya both have been good to each other? No fight or naughty? Make sure Ya both brush your teeth every night before go bed If Ya been good n we will give Ya the present what Ya ask for

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