Free Phone Call From Santa

Capture There are so many variations on this theme right now, and here we have another for you - a free app for a phone call from Santa.

This looks like a really cute app, and if you're looking for that one phone call from Santa that doesn't cost anything, this may be it.

It looks like it might be quite large - I am going to have to clear some space on my phone before I can install it, but it looks to be rather worth it.

You can watch a video on the website of the call. You can also choose the date and time of the call, and a 'unique' Santa message. You upload a photo of your child too, so that their picture appears on the screen during the call and Santa will mention their age, country and so on.

Thanks to boltonion at HUKD

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  • tasha860
    This app is amazinggg

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