Free Personalisation @ Disney Store

Free Personalisation @ Disney Store

So the Disney Store is offering free personalisation on all their personalisation range from now until 02 November (at midnight). The range of items you can personalise is pretty impressive, it even includes sale items, but the cost of delivery is mean and nasty.

The free personalisation can cover anything from their Christmas range of gifts and decorations to pyjamas and clothes and gowns and toys. I even found comforters and blankets which fell into the free personalisation category.

Some of the items included in the freebie are just too stunning for words and I look at them with longing. The thing is, for a company that makes so much money and that is so entrenched in society, you’d think they could offer decent delivery rates as £4.95 for delivery is really pricy and I am not sure if they do the personalisation instore or not.

Some of the really cute items that, to me, are worth personalising are the Winnie the Pooh Christmas comforter, the range of bedding and gowns, and cute slippers.


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