FREE Letters From Santa From Royal Mail

Send a letter and get one back!
FREE Letters From Santa From Royal Mail

Did you know that Royal Mail offer a Letter To Santa service, and that all it costs you is the price of a stamp? They run it every year, and there's an official address to write to so that Santa will get your child's letter - and he will send them a letter back for free!

All you have to do is get your child to write their letter to Santa and send it to the following address:

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa's Grotto,

Get letters posted by 10th December 2021 if you want a reply before Christmas from Santa himself.

To make sure your child gets a reply they need to include their full name and address in their letter so that Santa can write back to them.

There's no need to include a stamp or envelope for the reply, so it will just cost you the price of one stamp to send the letter and the Letter From Santa will be sent for free.

This year there's also a online download available of the card he will be sending you, so if you can't wait (or it's taking too long) you can download the pdf here.

It might seem early to be thinking of getting the children to write their Letter To Santa, but that closing date for replies is quite early on in December, so make sure they get there in plenty of time, posting no later than 10th December 2021.

To receive a letter from me in Welsh, please write to: Sion Corn, Ogof Sion Corn, Gwlad Y Ceirw, XM4 5HQ.


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  • GemGdm

    lovely idea !! my 2 children posted their's on the 6th December, both at the same time and we have only had one reply letter back so keeping it safe until we receive another one as a bit unfair to send only one reply back. Hope it gets to us in time before Christmas, but cutting it a bit close. 

    • KevinSmith

      We did the Royal Mail letters in the past they are very generic. We use now. You can personalised the present they want there best friend where Santa is delivering and loads of other things.