Felt Advent Calendars £4.99 At Lidl From 27th October

Felt Advent Calendars £4.99 At Lidl From 27th October

There's loads of different advent calendar choices around for children, from the £1 chocolate ones, to the Lego and Toy advents that can be pretty pricey. If you like to do your own and get a refillable one then these Felt Advent Calendars are a super option, and they're just £4.99 at Lidl.

There's a choice of four designs, and all have 24 little pockets for you to fill with sweet treats or small toys for your children.

There's a large Star Advent, a cute Reindeer Advent, plus two different Bunting Advents as well.

They are really pretty traditional designs, and form part of your Christmas decorations as well as holding treats for the kids.

It can work out really good value to do your own advent calendars, depending on what you fill them with of course, but the real benefit is that you can make them completely unique for your child and include things that you know they will love.

These Felt Advent Calendars will be in Lidl stores from this Thursday 27th October, and will be available only while stocks last. At this price we think they will be a sell out so expect them to go fast!


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  • Rhiannon B.

    something different to the chocolate advent

    • Rhiannon B.

      another idea instead of a chocolate one

      • Kirsty G.

        how nice are these for the kids xxx

        • Elaine H.

          Oooo their at lidil :flushed: xxx

          • Kirsty G.

            I'm sending Ian to get lacey one tomorrow xxx

            • Elaine H.

              :joy::joy::joy: youIan Greenerywhere, sure he's not the women? Xx

              • Ian G.

                I'm the brains nothing would be done otherwise!

                • Elaine H.

                  you mean nothing tells you to do would get done....:thinking::laughing:

                  • Ian G.

                    Good point, however she couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery or make a decision to save her life!

                  • Katie T.

                    some lovely ideas here xx

                    • Natalie B.

                      look at the price for these ones! :thumbsup_tone1:

                      • Rachel D.

                        Oh like them ones xxx

                      • Stacey A.

                        I feel like getting one of bunting ones and doing a letter of the day or something to learn if that makes sense lol she's got 3 advents plus the books but I really like them xx

                        • Gina G.

                          Yes that's mint idea !!! ️Xxx