Fantastic Mr Fox £2.39 @

Fantastic Mr Fox £2.39 @

The Fantastic Mr Fox DVD is down to £2.39 if you use the voucher code outlined below and buy it before midnight tomorrow. This classic text has been brought to life with the voices of a plethora of famous faces including George Clooney and Meryl Streep and usually sells for far more.

The voucher code you need to get the extra pennies off your order (which is delivered for free btw) is 48MEDIA. This is probably not a great use of this discount, I’d throw in some extras, but it does make a difference to the price.

The Fantastic Mr Fox is the story of three horrible famers – Boggis, Bunce and Bean – who are dedicated to destroying the wily and wonderful Mr Fox. He eats their chickens, they pull out all the stops and surround his den, doing their best to capture him.

What follows is a gripping, brilliant, funny and delightful story that will keep kids on tenterhooks and entertain the whole family. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the movie so if you’ve seen it, do let me know if it is worth getting!

Thanks to mynisawn at HUKD!


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