Embroidered Santa Sack £1 @ Poundland

Embroidered Santa Sack £1 @ Poundland

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So you've got some presents, and now you're on to the wrapping. Rolls of paper is cheaper, but bags are sooooo much quicker and easier. If you have a lot of little presents or the Christmas stocking looks a little tired and in need of replacement then how about this cute Embroidered Santa Sack? It's just £1 from Poundland.

I always run out of time to wrap everything so I think I'll grab a couple of these next time I'm in Poundland just to save time and effort. There are a few very awkwardly shaped presents that look very difficult to wrap, so a sack like this might solve that problem too.

These normally go for much more than a pound, so this looks like a bit of a bargain. Remember that Poundland don't offer online shopping (boo) so you'll just to brave the crowds and go to the shops. I wonder what else you'll see when you're in there!

Thanks to bharats @ HUKD.


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