Where To Buy Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

Accept no imitations!
Where To Buy Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

Wanting to start the Elf On The Shelf tradition with your family? There are plenty of copycat versions out there, but if you want the original and best version we can help. Here's where to buy the official Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition at the best price in the UK.

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Book with Boy Scout

Book with Girl Scout

Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

Elf on the Shelf is a tradition in our house, sure I find the thing a tad creepy, but the kids really do love it. Each morning they wake up to see what our Elf, 'Elvis' has been up to overnight. They also believe he reports their behaviour back to Santa.

In this set, you get the Elf and you get a Storybook, that is brilliant for bedtime reading. It's one of those stories that the kids will never forget as well. Plus, it also comes with a keepsake box and adoption certificate too.

Making memories is one of the best gifts you can give the children, but we fully appreciate what a pain in the butt these elves are too.

You may not have had Elf on the Shelf when you were little, but it's nice to start your own traditions with your kids too.

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  • Jess A.

    we got a bargain :thumbsup_tone3:

    • Danielle H.

      Definitely x

    • Gillian M.

      We stock them so got a wee girl one!! Just dreading trying to remember now! :joy:

      • Mike A.

        Is it a tradition? Thought it started about 3 years ago.

        • Debbie F.

          My grandaughters love it Mike.

        • Amy M.

          My son thinks it’s creepy and evil looking

          • Nichola L.

            That's exactly what Ellis says about them too :joy: xx

          • Georgina M.

            We started this tradition around 5 or 6 years ago when it was still relatively new in the UK. It's been around for a long time in the US. It really is very sweet for young children but we find it rather a labour of love now!

            • Ray C.

              Elf sent from North Pole to see whos naughty or nice. :grin::ghost:

              • Ray C.

                Elf sent from North Pole to see who's naughty or nice :thumbsup:

                • Gillian D.

                  Lol Im not sure.....do I want the commitment of 24 days of figuring out what to do with him?? :joy: xx

                  • Collette H.

                    Omg I love this- thank you

                    • Sam F.

                      Gina Podmore this is what we’ve got

                      • Gina P.

                        I’ve got one thank you !! Xxxx

                        • Sam F.

                          Gina Podmore looking forward to seeing what he’s been up to :santa_tone1:

                          • Gina P.

                            I need some ideas! Please help me lol xxxx

                            • Sam F.

                              Gina Podmore lol you’ll be fine xx

                              • Gina P.


                              • Ann-marie M.

                                Wow that's half the price I paid!

                                • Kirsty L.

                                  Pays to wait :grinning:

                                • Kirsty C.

                                  The entertainer doing it for same price!!

                                  • Kelly B.

                                    Had one for years, never used it until you hung it 'miley' style doing wrecking ball......

                                    • Amy M.

                                      Yay you joing the elf on the shelf party and 10pm at night when you forgot to move him he's a little bastard

                                      • Amy M.

                                        Good luck were on year 3 I have run out of ideas

                                        • Amy M.

                                          Had to buy props this year

                                          • Amy M.

                                            The range has loads of great atuff

                                            • Victoria F.

                                              Thanks I'm really looking forward to doing it lol!

                                              • Ioana N.

                                                It’s no longer half price. I bought mine literally minutes before it changed to £24.99

                                                • Tasha M.

                                                  Mothercare have this for 19.99