Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition: Book & Doll £18.99 Delivered @ eBay Seller: kunekay

25 August 2016
Elf On The Shelf Book & Doll £18.99

QUICK! It's highly unlikely that you're going to see Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition this cheap anywhere else, this side of Christmas.

UK eBay Seller:kunekay is selling Elf on the Shelf with the book and doll for just £18.99 including FREE delivery.

Elf on the Shelf isn't some fleeting craze - nope if anything it's gaining popularity year after year. Some find it freaky, others enjoy being inventive with their Elf, but the main thing is the kids go daft for it.

It's the highlight for many in December and a flaming nuisance for others.

For £18.99, you get that hardback Book of Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition... a lovely book to read the kids during the run-up to Christmas. You also get that all important Elf doll too. The point is he watches kids to ensure they are behaving.

If you bought the book last year, but haven't a clue where the Elf is then you can get a replacement here*.

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  • Tina S.

    this is the original one x

  • Ashley M.

    cheapest iv ever saw it

  • Claire H.

    grr I paid a tenner More

  • Heather T.

    Bought one . Might help the behaviour :pray_tone2:

  • Missy W.

    I'll defo order one now x

  • Samantha R.

    Aw it's gone again :disappointed:

  • Belle J.

    Just ordered! :grin:

  • Cathy R.

    this is so much fun!

    • Joanna L.

      I saw this earlier. Think I'll need to get it!

    • Cathy R.

      We've had sprinkles for 3 years and it's so much fun! Matthew already talking about him coming back to stay with us soon!

  • Alison H.

    Looks like it's sold out ?

  • Louise P.

    Thank you!

  • Suzanne E.

    It freaks me out!

  • Kirsty S.

    Ive already been looking at these! I am getting more organised every year x

  • Kirsty A.

    Ordered it

  • Zoe H.

    creepy elf on the shelf!!!

  • Lynne A.

    Yay. Xx

  • Chell D.

    Ohh ill need to order :christmas_tree::gift::christmas_tree:

  • Michelle E.

    I just bought this!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::christmas_tree::see_no_evil:

  • Joanna S.

    Its been Relisted

  • Kellie B.

    the kids love this at xmas.... the elf gets up to mischeif

  • Kellie B.

    kids love this at xmas time. he turns up Dec 1st and gets up to mischeif when the kids r sleeping. x

    • Kellie B.

      I had to pay 30 for mine. it's a bargain

    • Jodie B.

      I love this idea! xxx

    • Natalie S.

      I ordered a doll from China at about £2.30 and bought the dvd of the story on Amazon for £3 x

  • Steph H.

    Love it :)

  • Debbie S.

    I bet Barbies happy he's coming back! X

  • Samantha S.

    I'm very tempted :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: xx

  • Melanie J.

    did u know there's a birthday one out? They r lovely while the magic lasts x

  • Laura W.

    might get myself one of these now to beat the Christmas rush!

  • Melanie J.

    Too cute x

  • Simone S.

    All gone :pensive:x

  • Laura W.

    Oh aye. Think I'll defo order 1..:joy::blush:

  • Kate C.

    He he he. Already on it. The planning has started xxx

  • Samantha S.

    Just got a girl elf x

  • Lyndsey K.

    I ordered the Wee girl one last year so I have the boy and girl more off a teddy one as that one kinda creeps me lol x

  • Kelly W.

    Sold out :grin:

  • Gwenda C.

    Very good, you just have to remember to move him every night! :scream:

  • Karen T.

    I've got mine ready x

  • Ursula W.

    Dont start it!! Its a curse lol

  • Amanda S.

    From what age would you recommend this from? My son is 2 but I cannot wait to do this!!

    • Natalie S.

      He prob won't understand fully but you could give it a go. My son was 2 last year when we did it but he did have an older brother (age 5) but he joined in going down stairs all excited to find the elf x

    • Amanda S.

      fab thanks Hun xx

  • Paulette J.

    R yous havin a laff??? Summer hasnt arrived yet

  • Karen D.

    Lol these boys were sold out from end of September last year x

  • Paulette J.

    They creep me out a bit

  • Janet F.

    Sold out :( x

  • Samantha S.

    the item here is sold out but look at sellers other items and there is another listing. X

  • Charlotte M.

    we should get one for this year xxx

  • Natalie S.

    I did this. And bought the dvd of the story for £3

  • Jenna S.

    you'll have it for years!

  • Kirsty E.

    Ordered aswell ha ha xx

  • Lisa M.

    How do i get this offer??

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