Don't Miss Seeing Santa's Sleigh In The Sky This Christmas Eve

Bird? Plane? Nope, it's Santa!

Want to wow your kids on Christmas Eve by letting them get a glimpse of Santa's sleigh in the sky?

Well check this out - the International Space Station is due to pass over the UK on Christmas Eve so if you time it carefully, you just might be able to convince the kids that what they're seeing flying overhead is indeed Santa.

The Telegraph reports:

"Nasa have confirmed that the International Space Station will be passing over the UK on Christmas Eve. This means that if you look closely, you may be able to see a foreign object in the sky."

The paper reports that the International Space Station can be tricky to spot but that it resembles a gigantic star because it reflects light and appears to shine brightly.

You can even use this Spot the Station tool to check out exactly when to time your Santa-sighting adventure.

My troops would absolutely adore trekking out into the garden to watch this wondrousness - the youngest is bound to fall for the Santa thing whilst the eldest will just think it's 'sick' to be seeing the International Space Station passing overhead.

I reckon this is a fabulous bit of Christmas magic to add to our planned Christmas Eve family traditions and festivities. So will you be keeping your eyes peeled on Christmas Eve?

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