Donation Only Letter From Father Christmas @ NSPCC

You can't see this, but I'm totally cringing on the inside. I won't even walk into a shop that has Christmas decorations in the window before at  least Halloween has come and gone, so writing a Christmas post on October 2nd? Just wrong, for me! BUT It's the NSPCC's Christmas Letter and we loved it so much last year, I know I'll be doing it again this year, and wanted to share it with you.

We paid the £5 for the NSPCC letter last year, and had it posted to us in Australia, which is where we spent Christmas. It was fabulous and my then three year old was so chuffed that Santa knew where she was.

You complete the child's name, age, gender, best friend's name and a few other details. You can also select a 'thought' from Santa, from 'The elves tell me you won't be at home this Christmas. Don't worry.I'll still deliver your presents", to "I hear you have a new little sister", to "I see from  my list you have moved house this year", all the ideas will really make your little one think Santa is watching!

You can choose to have the letter in Welsh or English and you can also have it sent internationally.

There are so many of these schemes every year, but this one supports a wonderful charity, which is a huge added bonus, in the spirit of Christmas and all.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD

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