Dolly Peg Nativity Craft Kit £5.04 @ Graham And Green

Dolly Peg Nativity Craft Kit £5.04 @ Graham And Green

Nativy Graham and GreenYes, I know Christmas is a way off, but we know our reader love planning ahead and saving pennies doing so. Well, if live or pass by one of the four stores in the country, you're quids in with the current sale, but if not you have to take advantage of the rather extortionate £5.95 shipping fee. But at least this Dolly Peg Nativity Craft Kit is then costing you £10.99 instead of £21.90. 

Last Christmas we had an activities advent calender, which has things to do for each day of December. Fortunately I had planned it well in advance because we ended up with a lot of sickness in the house around the festive season and the kids had lots to keep them busy indoors. This was a real blessing!

The Dolly Peg Nativity Craft Kit is a 10-pieces kit allows little ones to create their own nativity characters from wooden pegs and felt, and for the less inspired, it comes with colour instructions.

And by the way, if these don't tickle your fancy, there's loads of other really cool toys for kids at Graham and Green too.


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