Do You Redecorate The Tree After The Kids Have Had A Go?

Do You Redecorate The Tree?

Come on, 'fess up. How many of you will admit to doing a little, um, strategic art directing once the kids have finished decorating the Christmas tree?

I've got a good friend who r-e-a-l-l-y wants to be more 'present' with her kids this Christmas and less distracted by all the pressure to make everything perfect. For her, that partly entails refraining from redistributing everything once her kids have finished messing up decorating the Christmas tree. She's done well this year – she even sent me a picture of the tree once the kids were finished and claims she didn't so much as move a bauble or hide a tacky piece of tinsel round the back.

Speaking of tinsel, I may have mentioned that my youngest has taken the lead in decorating our Christmas tree this year. We let her choose a new decoration for our Christmas tree the other day – in a tasteful shop, of course – and yet she still managed to seek out the only strand of tinsel in the entire store. At least it's gold, I suppose, and not pink. I'd have found silver marginally less offensive though.

But, much as I wince every time I clap eyes on that tacky tinsel, I've no intention of removing it from the pride of place my daughter has given it on our Christmas tree. I'd no more dream of tinkering with her tree decoration skills than I would do her homework for her. To me, a fundamental part of parenting is learning when to hang back and let kids make decisions for themselves. That might start with something as simplistic as where to string the tinsel, but it won't be long before those decisions have bigger consequences, and my ability to watch over her without interfering will be more important still.

So no, I don't rearrange the kids' efforts at decorating the Christmas tree. I watch and 'ooh' and 'ahh' and congratulate them on a job well done, safe in the knowledge that they are learning that I trust them to make choices for themselves, and won't jump in and override them every time they make a decision that I might not have chosen for them.

And if that tacky tinsel becomes all too much as I'm gazing at the tree this festive season? I'll just remind myself that this is why there's Baileys in the house. One glass down, and the tree looks picture perfect anyway.

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  • Siöbhan M.

    I get my boy his own small tree to decorate so he leaves mine alone :joy::joy:

  • Jenny C.

    Nope, it’s their tree too

  • Pamela H.

    We've got one each! They decorate one in the wee room and I get the living room one all to myself. Both look fab and I get my Xmas dex ocd without hassle!

  • Gail O.

    Yes. Then the cat rips it to shreds when I am not looking ....

  • Rebecca L.

    I let them have a go, then redo it!!! :joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Steph C.

    No, the tree is up for them so they decorate it how they want xxx

  • Dawn B.

    No! I love it just the way they’ve done it :blush:

    • Emma H.

      She has her own tree as I just can't cope haha

    • Dawn B.

      aw! I love the kids doing ours! Saves me a job :joy::joy:

  • Mel C.

    I put the tree up and then my daughter decorates it. I don't interfere lol

  • Elaine M.

    Kids decorate and I leave it xx

  • Joanna H.

    I do lights to check working etc. Kids do the rest. I love the throw as much shit and see what sticks decorative style

  • Becky H.

    Clearly the only one who does then :joy::joy::joy: my OCD won't allow me to just leave it

  • Krista B.

    Let the kids do it, one day they will be grown up and I will have to do it myself. Embrace their creativity!

  • Sinead G.

    Oh god yea. Let them decorate it then when they r tucked up. Redo it. It's a much or the tree would fall down with all in the one spot

  • Claire B.

    The kids help then I might move a few around that they have put on. I tend to say don't put the same colours by each other. Bit hard if you only have a 2 colour scheme but ours is multi coloured.

  • Karen W.

    Do it together then just moved the odd 1 that has about 4 on a branch lol

  • Hayley B.

    Let the little folk do it, it's what Christmas is about, if you want a perfect tree either wait til they've grown up or go to next and look at their display! Love seeing their randomness displayed!

  • Janet M.

    It's my tree so yes I do redo it if they decorate it .

  • Abbie L.

    I leave it, my girls do it together and they are so proud of themselves I wouldn't take that from them as it used to really upset me when I'd tried so hard to make my tree look nice as a kid then my mum would come along and change it all

  • Kirsty R.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy: maybeeeeeeee

  • Claire G.

    Kids job. It's where the magic begins !

  • Heather T.

    I do the big tree in the living room and my daughter has a little tree in the dining room to decorate by herself xx

  • Sarah G.

    Let them do it with with me! And move a few if it’s heavy on one side to stop it falling over!!

  • Sarah H.

    Nope :) we all do it together as a family, if it looks like a pigs ear then so be it :) i dont have time to worry what a tree looks like and if its perfect :joy:

  • Kirsty Y.

    No kids have fun doing it so what if it a mess seeing my kids happy it worth a messy tree :blush:

  • Paula B.

    No, but only cos I stood over them like a dictator telling where to put the decorations lol. Kids were killing themselves laughing telling me I have a problem. :joy::joy::joy:

  • Michele P.

    Haven't voted because you need an extra option on that poll - one that says 'no, Christmas if for the kids, I don't care what the tree looks like as long as they're happy'. Your limited 2 options assume that every parent hates it when the kids decorate the tree

  • Vikki T.

    Option 3... I decorated it and the 2 year old thought the elves had been. Magic of Christmas and still a lovely tree.

  • Elisa M.

    I might re-position the odd bauble or two.... or all of them.... but when they look at it again the next day they must think wow what a good job we did... Mummy's happy, children are happy... win win ;)

  • Donna A.

    I do the lights and my daughter puts the rest of the decorations on, as far up as she can reach and I do the top of the tree. Once we're finished she pops the star on top. I leave it as it is, as it's special she has done it and she's always so proud. I wouldn't have the heart to rearrange it all xxx

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