Where To Buy The Disney Animators Advent Calendar UK

Disney Animators Advent Calendar UK

If you have been waiting patiently to see what exclusive advent calendars The Disney Store will be coming up with this year, the wait is over! There are two advent calendars on sale; a Disney Animators Advent Calendar and a Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar and they are available to buy now.

The Disney Animators Collection Advent Calendar is priced at £24.99, and will have mini figures of lots of Disney Princesses and accessories, with one gift behind each window.

The Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar is at £59.99, and looks like it will feature a mini plush Tsum Tsum every day.

We think these will be massively popular with Disney fans, and as previous years' advent calendars sold out way before December you need to be quick off the mark to get hold of one!

Home delivery costs £3.95 or is free on orders over £50.

Images: Disney Store

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  • Lynsay H.

    the animators collection

  • Michael H.

    So expensive! But kinda want :joy:

  • Lauren S.

    I know I'm going to get the animator one defo butt unsure if I can spare 55 for the tsum lol. I think I'd rather pay 25 for this one than the playmobil one xxx

  • Amy P.

    Their so expensive!! :broken_heart: xx

  • Claire B.

    Does everyone know my love for tsums :see_no_evil::joy: These are soooo cute!! I got some saving to do!

  • Gemma C.

    OMG :astonished: neeeeeed!!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Sarah A.

    Thought that would take your fancy! X

  • Kimmy K.

    Had a look at these today they aren't released til October x

  • Caroline C.

    i’m off to find out about it now x

  • Hannah E.

    I want the animators one!

  • Nikki S.

    Ohhh that's annoying at least it's nearly October xx

  • Hayley T.

    If its not bad enough that i have now diarised the purchase release date, i then clicked on the link and saw the whole christmas collection :rolling_eyes:

  • Hayley T.

    Spot on! And its payday today too:thinking:

  • Hayley T.

    Plus kath kidston peter pan range was released last week too :neutral_face:

  • Charlotte T.

    Wowzers!!! You work hard so you best spend it! :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Erin O.

    Best advent calendar ever.

  • Danielle R.

    U may get s few duplicates though! Ha ha xxx

  • Pauline C.

    Too expensive especially when I'd have to get 2.... xx

  • Maggie H.

    Do I need to make a visit to Regent Street Disney store for you ? AM just up the road....lol x

  • Sam B.

    Ooo het me one then!!! Xxx

  • Natalie S.

    Awww there cute I think we should all get one lol xx

  • Nam E.

    I didn't look at the price :joy::joy:

  • Natalie S.

    she’s been at work tonight :sleeping::sleeping: xx

  • Nicola S.

    Ha ha!! You can order them online but apparently people go crazy for them, people are weird!!

  • Maggie H.

    I will go and pre-order if necessary mind you but don't do queuing...lol and not at 8.30 a.m. ....x

  • Rosie P.

    I'm making my own this year x

  • Nicola S.

    Apparently if you are the first customer at any Disney store on any day they sing and clap you and give you a giant key to open the store :joy:

  • Maggie H.

    PASS....lol x But will go and order if you can check it out for me - so I get the right thing...x

  • Jodie S.

    Omg! She would absolutely love the tsum tsum one! Thanks love might have to get her one xx

  • Debbie P.

    :scream: why do they do this to me!!!

  • Ellen S.

    No I've already got them xx

  • Michelle C.

    Get whichever one you think she'll like

  • Olivia F.

    I'm going to have 100 calendars!!

  • Natasha R.

    She would love the animators one. We already have a lego one though :sob:

  • Charlotte A.

    I want the Disney animator one for me! :joy::joy:

  • Claire J.

    Love the animator one :raised_hands_tone1::speak_no_evil:

  • Laura J.

    Ah this looks good ... that one she had last year was not worth the money at all xxx

  • Michelle C.

    Order it and I shall pay X pm the details

  • Natasha R.

    Not available until sometime in October x

  • Laura-Mae T.

    Animator one looks good! No idea what tsum is :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Diane F.

    Just saved this in my calendar! That's Z sorted :heart_eyes:

  • Lesleyann W.

    Thanks I've got him one :grinning:

  • Lily W.

    £60 for the Tsum Tsum :fearful::scream:

  • Lily W.

    The other one not too bad. :grin:

  • Lucy D.

    I know I saw them this morning !! I love them !!!! But too expensive :sob::sob::sob:

  • Joanne X.

    I didn't see how much soo pricey

  • Victoria T.

    Ooh to the animator one!!!

  • Kelly-Jay H.

    I saw this! We’ve already got a Lego one! X

  • Vikki W.

    Have you seen the price though? :scream:

  • Sophie H.

    I know !!!! It's between this and the tsum tsum squishy one :heart_eyes:

  • Lisa H.

    Really wanna get it !!! :christmas_tree:

  • Donna B.

    It is cute! My friend got it for her little girl

  • Melanie B.

    I want it but think 3 advents is enough as it is... 4 could be pushing it lol

  • Richard M.

    Ah nice! I will have a look next time I am in town!

  • Sasha K.

    Ooh yes good idea thanks :thumbsup_tone1:

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