A Deal With A Difference @ Send A Cow

A Deal With A Difference @ Send A Cow


According to new research from the charity Send a Cow, Christmas shoppers across the UK are set to waste thousands of pounds this year as a whopping 70% of the nation will wake up to gifts they don’t want or need.

With only 17 shopping days to go until Christmas, findings from new Send a Cow research include:

  • 60% of the people in Britain want an ethical gift but 66% of people forget to ask
  • People love buying and receiving ethical gifts because it gives something long
    lasting and practical to a worthwhile charity and avoids unnecessary waste
  • 59% of shoppers would buy an ethical gift for a family, friend or colleagues
  • People expect to receive an average of 7 presents this Christmas
  • At least one present under the tree will be something people don’t need
  • 62% of people would happily give up a present for an ethical gift

DonkeySo why not visit the Send a Cow giftsite here and join the thousands of other savvy shoppers choosing ethical gifts this year. Send a Cow helps farmers in Africa to grow enough food to feed their families, sell produce, and develop small businesses that last. The company provides training, livestock, seeds and ongoing support, as well as helping families to make the most of the land and resources that they already have.

You can do everything from donate a goat or plant some fruit trees in the name of your gift recipient, and every gift gets passed on so that an estimated ten people in Africa benefit from every single gift you give.Lamb

If you’re a UK tax payer you can also make your gift grow instantly by 28%. For every £1 you spend, Send a Cow gets an extra 28p from the Inland Revenue. All you need to do is tick the Gift Aid confirmation box during the ordering process. You can order gifts right up until Christmas Day.

In the season of goodwill, this seems like a a pretty decent deal all round.


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