Criacr Meat Thermometer £8.99 @ Amazon Seller: Brifit Tek

Make sure the turkey is cooked!
Criacr Meat Thermometer £8.99 @ Amazon Seller: Brifit Tek

Christmas dinner disasters are the last thing we need, so err on the side of caution with this Criacr Meat Thermometer from Amazon Seller: Brifit Tek. It's £8.99, and is handy for all those Sunday roasts after Christmas time too. Order it now and you'll have it in time for cooking Christmas dinner.

Criacr Meat Thermometer

It's one thing giving yourself a dose of food poisoning but when you're cooking for visitors, it's much worse. Take the guesswork out of cooking those joints of meat with the Criacr Meat Thermometer.

Choose betwen red or orange. There are a couple of other colours too but those are more expensive.

This digital thermometer will give a reading in 4-7 seconds when you stab the meat. It's easy to read with the clear LCD display.

Features auto on/off, hold function and C°/F° switch/temp lock.

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