Classic Christmas Gifts At Bargain Prices @ Reader’s Digest

6 December 2011

I’ve discovered that the Reader’s Digest shop is full of fun bargains. And by fun, I mean classic books that are truly brilliant Christmas buys. How about Treasure Island or A Christmas Carol? Or The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor? These were books I loved as a kid.

The Reader’s Digest shop is selling the Treasure Island/A Christmas Carol combination book set for £9.99 instead of the usual £27.98. The books are proper collector’s items with gorgeous illustrations and beautiful covers.

If these don’t suit, how about Where’s Wally – a pack of four books that are the forerunner of the millions of puzzle books out there today. Here kids can find Wally in a bunch of mind boggling landscapes and have hours of fun for only £9.99 instead of £23.96.

Remember Biggles? He only costs £12.49 instead of £24.99 and My Favourite Nursery Rhymes and Tales is down to only £14.99 instead of £26.99. All of these books are on offer at a fab price and will make lovely classic Christmas gifts.


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