Christmas Shop Now Open @ Matalan

Christmas Shop Now Open @ Matalan

Oh yippee! I know it's only September, but I am over the moon to see that Matalan have launched their Christmas Shop.

Last year, they were exceptional and it's looking just as good this year, if I am honest.

Go on, have a nosey! You know you want to!

Their selection of stocking isn't huge, but what they have is lovely! I am loving this 'Naughty and Nice' Sack* for £6 and this Chunky Knitted Stocking* for £8.

If you are all about the Advent Calendars, then you are going to go daft for this Wooden one*. It's £15 and is something you can pull out year in and year out, much to the children's excitement.

Find that 'Elf on the Shelf' Doll too creepy? Grab this friendly look Plush Elf* for just £4.

Wait until you see these... Christmas Advent Christmas Duvet Set* only £14, Santa's Milk Carton* just £3, Christmas Santa's Three Piece Treat Set* only £8, Christmas Santa Large Mug* just £4, Hand Painted Santa Wine Glass* just £4 and Novelty Snowman and Santa Christmas Bunting* only £5.

There's even a whole section on Christmas Bathroom* with loo seat covers, bath mats, towels and more.

Some of the stock is showing online but is not available to buy yet. However, most stores should have their Christmas stock in.

You can Click and Collect Your Christmas goodies for FREE or pay £3.95 to have them delivered to your home.

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  • Caroline C.

    Need to check this out :grin::christmas_tree:x

  • Samantha H.

    I swear im xmas mad right now

  • Lyndsey S.

    Oh my godness!!! Eek :speak_no_evil::santa_tone2: xx

  • Charlotte P.

    I love it! I want to duvet covers. Who am I kidding!? I want it all! Xxx

  • Emma W.

    we need these :wink::santa::christmas_tree::ribbon:

  • Jenni M.

    this makes me very happy :joy:

    • Emma D.

      Not long to wait! Xx

    • Jenni M.

      there's loads I want haha xx

  • Claire R.

    look!!!! Soooooo excited xx

    • Sharon B.

      Love love love these ! I feel a wee Matalan shop coming on x

    • Mary-Anne M.

      Woohoo goodbye money in the bank :blush:

    • Claire R.

      I am so excited :christmas_tree: xx

  • Gayle O.

    - I think it's time :joy:

  • Janine K.

    I know it's early but look how nice this advent box is x

  • Gemma D.

    looks like we're off to Matalan then

  • Samantha K.

    it's nearly that time of the year!!

  • Natalie E.

    look at that advent calendar xx

  • Michelle H.

    Wow! I am So excited :santa:

  • Karen P.

    May have to pop in there tomorrow x

  • Dawn H.

    I love this! Xxx

  • Nicola W.

    Oooooh :laughing:

  • Sheree C.

    I want em :joy: xxxx

    • Aimee B.

      love the bedding!

  • Lauren H.

    favey place at Christmas :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::joy:

    • Rachelle M.

      Yessss! Let's go! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

    • Lauren H.

      Need to get in early this year!!!

  • Kate H.

    Everything you could need !!

    • Tracey H.

      Oooh, I'm there! xx

  • Louisa M.

    I just said to my Mum how excited I am that Christmas is just around the corner! This is my fave time of year x x

  • Louise H.

    I need this bedding in kingsize!! X

  • Katie S.

    Oh no! We're so behind with our Christmas plans :scream_cat:

  • Sonia H.

    Wow got to take a look in there :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::grinning:

  • Caroline K.

    Hehe love this xx

  • Kerry F.

    i want that advent calendar i think

  • Amy V.

    they got some nice Xmas stuff at matalan xx

  • Mel G.

    OMG :clap::christmas_tree::gift::santa: xx

  • Tara D.

    some lovely decs on here x

  • Christina M.

    .....Christmas is coming and it's only September :joy::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

  • Melanie S.

    Yippeeee X X X X x

  • Kylie K.

    Love the snowflake latte glass :snowflake:

  • Andrew D.

    now I'm sweating with excitement

  • Jennifer M.

    Love it already been looking at Christmas stock coming in on their website

  • Kelly S.

    love stuff on here xx

  • Sophie K.

    you are not wrong when you said there good stuff. I need loads haha xx

    • Sophie K.

      Have you seen all the shops with Christmas things in! Clinton and Card Factory have Christmas cards in xx

  • Katie P.

    Love the advent calendar!x

  • Carol P.

    OMG!!! I want it all!!! :santa_tone1::santa_tone1::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

  • Gemma C.

    Love the bedding x

  • Aimee C.

    theres loads to get for xmas decorations :heart_eyes::santa::christmas_tree::gift:

  • Samantha A.

    :( too early

  • Donna F.

    WE MUST GO!!!!

  • Laura T.

    Just been on the website there's some nice stuff xx

  • Sharon H.

    I'll have a look xx

  • Joy D.

    Woop woop!

  • Clare H.

    Yes - thank you!! x

  • Sarah T.

    That bedding :heart:

  • Sandy O.

    Yay can't wait x

  • Debbie B.

    I'm so excited! :joy:

  • Arlana K.

    I need the advent calendar for Ted omg

  • Hayley C.

    Far too soon!!! At least wait til October! Although I do like that bedspread...

  • Laura B.

    :scream: Christmas is everywhere!!

  • Courtney M.

    Love this x

  • Ali M.

    haha just been on it!

  • Mhairi M.


    • Cheryl D.

      Luv it x

  • Claire C.

    Ooh look !!!! :santa_tone1::snowflake: xx

    • Hannah R.

      Oh my god, its almost too early even for me!! :') xxx

    • Claire C.

      I know it's early... But how exciting!!!! :grin::scream::grinning:

    • Hannah R.

      Well I suppose there is only 109 days to go :P. Can't wait to start decorating my place! :D xxx

  • Jocelyn G.

    Squeeeeee!! X

  • Jocelyn G.

    Squeeeeeeee!!! X

  • Julie M.

    check it out am soooooo excited

  • Cheryl M.

    .....lovely things in here xx

  • Lydia H.

    one of everything lol

  • Ruth W.

    Told ya so....They're so early.....but sold out early as well.....

  • Victoria L.

    It is my favourite launch of the year!

  • Laura F.

    I may be looking at that right now!

  • Gen R.

    Yay :grin:

  • Nicky A.

    Yay love it!! Bring it on!x

  • Dot S.

    There's some lovely things on here xxxx

    • Heather D.

      There is we need to go xx

  • Christie C.

    Omg!! Xxx

  • Helen H.

    Some nice birdy things here

  • Jillian K.

    This is class :santa_tone2::christmas_tree:

  • Rachel J.

    Wowsers! I wonder if they do double quilt covers :joy:

  • Annabel M.

    Already ordered stuff man, I hate you! X

  • Sarah T.

    I think I may if wee'd a little with excitement :joy::joy:

    • Tracey W.

      What's this?? Matalan Christmas shop?! I'm there!! x :joy:

  • Lisa H.

    :relaxed: I must resist !! I must resist !!! :santa::christmas_tree: But it's all so pretty !!! xx

  • Sarah P.

    !!!!! It is here!:santa_tone1::tada::heart_eyes:

    • Philippa B.

      Love it.... :christmas_tree::santa_tone1::christmas_tree: I'll start using the Christmas mugs soon x

    • Sarah P.

      they have special Xmas latte mugs ! I need one :)

  • Tracey B.

    OMG love this xx:smile::heart::heart::heart::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::gift::gift:

  • Isla O.

    Looks awesome thanks ! :-)

  • Rhiannon B.


  • Fiona T.


  • Jodi S.

    Oh we need to go shopping xx

  • Allison M.


  • Nicky A.

    Hehehe! Love it!

  • Sara R.

    , some lovely things here xxx

    • Lindsay J.

      Ooh thanks - could be dangerous!xx

  • Andrea L.

    We sounded like grannies today, no ready for Christmas :joy: xx

  • Amy J.

    !!! Its time to get excited!!! :santa::christmas_tree:xxx

  • Debbie Q.

    how fab the bedding xx

  • Laura H.

    not even going to lie this made me all kinds of xcited!!lol x

    • Janice M.

      Oooo, need to paying a wee visit there at the weekend xxx

  • Tracey C.

    think a trip to matalan for that bedding is needed xx

  • Amy E.

    some nice stuff on here!!! Xx

  • Sarah J.

    Thanks for that!!! bye bye £52 out of my bank account lol

  • Alison A.

    Here we go. Basket 32 quid already....x

  • Vicky C.

    Woop woop x

  • Annabel M.

    bath mat, plates, bowl, stocking filler bits x

  • Christine H.

    Awesome!!!! Xx

  • Charlotte L.

    Ha I love this! Xx

  • Aimee E.


  • Steve B.


  • Amerie M.

    Just had a quick peak online ill be needing a few hundred quid with everything ive seen and that's not even starting on clothes for the kids haha. Yea defo be better child free haha xx

  • Helen S.

    some lovely things xx

  • Amerie M.

    Haha ino :thumbsup: cant wait got some nice bits last year xx

  • Kerry B.

    - oh my goodness - best start now so we're ready for December lol

    • Sian G.

      Oh no :flushed::flushed: my purse isn't ready for that

  • Lucy M.

    Omg I may spend a fortune in there!

  • Sami H.

    We need to go :)

  • Angela M.

    Ohhh i need to take a run up xx

  • Faye-Marie S.

    Ooh wow! the kids would love Christmas bedding :heart_eyes: xxxx

  • Kate D.

    I love the bedding ! X

  • Emma P.

    look Christmas bits omg xxxx

  • April D.

    OMG lets go :nerd::nerd::nerd::nerd::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

  • Carla J.

    Oh my god! I need to declare bankruptcy now. Soooo much I want to buy!!! Xx

    • Sarah L.

      Must have everything!!!! Cameron would love the light up penguin pillow X

  • Becka H.

    I can't even go there at the weekend :weary:xxx

  • Jenny T.

    christmas things xx

  • Kirsty L.

    OMG already!?!? :heart_eyes::christmas_tree::heart::gift::grinning:

  • Sarah R.

    Loooooovely :heart:

  • Melanie P.

    :laughing:Exciting :santa_tone2:

  • Kelly W.

    Mataland had the best ones last year

  • Laurie P.

    Oh my!!! :grin:

  • Rachael D.

    Lol I've already had a peek :christmas_tree::santa_tone2:

  • Sarah F.

    the nutcracker stuff is fab :heart_eyes::christmas_tree:xx

  • Michelle K.

    .. Let's go :blush::heart_eyes:

  • Craig N.


  • Marilyn S.

    I was going to crochet little Xmas puddings :grinning:

  • Lorraine M.

    Omg I'm going in for a look!

  • Gill P.

    You will all be so happy don't spend to much xxxx

  • Sarah M.

    Love that advent calendar, got mine from there last year! Oh I just thought, can we have a Christmas shopping day! Child free, yippee :hugging: x x

  • Stephanie P.

    aww thts cute x

  • Maria M.

    We need to go :smile::thumbsup:xx

  • Ruth H.

    Awwww love this!!! :heart: so cute!! X x x x

  • Laura W.

    got excited today.. Best time of the year is coming :blush:

    • Tracie S.

      Must admit I'm getting super excited now, thinking of boots, scarfs and Xmas :santa_tone1::smiley::heart:

  • Anne W.

    Oh not yet please!! Wait till November!

  • Kelly K.

    Love it will be here before u know it x

  • Donna L.

    Oh I'm off to matalan! X

  • Kristy B.

    Aww i love it :grin::christmas_tree::gift::santa:

  • Billie H.


  • Rebecca K.

    OMG LOVE xxxxx

  • Mandy S.

    I got a seat cover but not the mat lol xx

  • Steph M.

    Boooooo!!!!! X

  • Kate M.

    Haha I do like them but the germs on the seat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: xx

  • Russ M.

    That is great!

  • Vicki W.

    Hahaha they are the best! I like the penguin!

  • Peter M.

    Oh I luv them lol xx

  • Caroline M.


  • Shelley W.

    A like a lot lol xz

  • Kerry D.

    Yeah it is lovely... xo

  • Amanda H.

    Man I love Christmas

  • Tara M.

    Haha omg love it xxx

  • Naomi P.

    These are brilliant!!

  • Sarah H.

    Oh yes!!

  • Stacy C.

    I've just been on the website and I need a trip to matalan :christmas_tree::santa_tone3:

  • Cari H.

    Oh lordy :joy::joy::joy:

  • Yvonne G.

    I've got this lol well a Santa one :joy::joy: xx

  • Emma H.

    Haha! Love it, love it, love it!!!! X

  • Liz M.


  • Lozz W.

    Omfg! I want my tree up now :weary:

  • Bethany J.

    Need one of these in my life :joy:

  • Heather K.

    You can't get more festive than this :raised_hand::joy:

  • Amie C.

    A shower cap how exciting lol

  • Ian M.


  • Alissa K.

    My Christmas Spirit doesn't reach this far!

  • Jessica P.

    Omg :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Suzanne B.

    Love it!

  • Kelly D.

    Love it x

  • Maureen M.

    the wee penguin for sure xxx

  • Lisa H.

    Love them xx

  • Angela M.

    I am definetly getting this!!!!

  • Carol D.

    These are a definite. :santa_tone1:

  • Margaret B.

    Love it :nerd:

  • John S.

    Right I'm getting them lol xxxxxx

  • Rachel J.

    Love it!!

  • Nina H.

    Omg :heart_eyes:

  • Tracey W.

    Penguins! :astonished:

  • Caroline H.

    I'm always on the Xmas hype xx

  • Hazel C.

    I'm really considering the penguin one for the flat!!

  • Louise S.

    Love these definitely getting one this year :heart_eyes::christmas_tree::snowman2::santa_tone2::gift:

  • Gill S.

    I was in matalan today aswell & didnt see them x

  • Vivienne I.

    I have the santa version:joy::see_no_evil:

  • Seáinín K.

    Love them

  • Lisa I.

    Brilliant! :smile:

  • Lisa I.

    Love their Christmas stuff

  • Lucy H.

    I already have one lol! Love them x

  • Laura E.

    Fab, they are soooo cool, I'm tempted xx

  • Sarah-Louise O.

    I need that snowman one :heart_eyes::snowman:

  • Hannah G.

    Aw I love these!!

  • Tiffanie B.

    Aah these are amazing :heart_eyes:the reindeer is so cute I'd want it all year round :joy:

  • Rachel W.

    I like the penguin one:joy::penguin: x

  • Amy R.

    Haha omg I want one lol xx

  • Claire T.

    I love them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Kylie R.

    Wow love these!

  • Andrea W.

    I'm having one of these!!

  • Lasma P.

    Haha only 12 mondays to go :joy:

  • Michelle W.

    Woo hoo xx

  • Claire H.

    I love the reindeer!! Xx

  • Julie C.

    I think it's a must :grin::grin:

  • Kellie M.

    Yes! These are brilliant!xx

  • Amy S.

    Need the Rudolph one!

  • Jan D.

    im onto it. love it love it love it.

  • Laura-Jane D.

    Ooooo I love the deer

  • Dee S.

    Got a Santa one :joy::christmas_tree::heart:

  • Paula H.

    We'll be getting the tree up in no time:dancer_tone3::joy:

  • Charlie G.

    Omg love :joy: xx

  • Holly Q.


  • Heather A.

    :joy: cute

  • Vikki H.

    Omg I love them!!!! X

  • Kelly L.

    Already got a Santa one :joy::joy::santa_tone2::santa_tone2::santa_tone2:

  • William B.

    Sorry but far too early to be thinking about Christmas

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