Christmas Party Fun Food Ideas

It is the season to start juggling a hundred different things. Presents, food, work, family. The run up to Christmas can turn into a chaotic mess. And the letter arrives home from school. Please send in a plate of party food. Or your playgroup, or church group, is having a Christmas party. Maybe you've got a few of the neighbours coming around, or you're doing something at work.

And finally, maybe you just want something a bit fun and interesting to put out on Christmas Eve. Whatever the reason here's a few fabulous ideas that I have found on the internet. Well, that's not entirely true. Some of these were found for me by other people. But they're all a bit of fun.

Meringue Christmas Tree

It just isn't Christmas without a Christmas tree. I am absolutely in love with these particular Meringue Christmas Trees. If, like me, you love meringue, then this is simply genius. Dead easy to make (if you're capable of making meringue - I've never tried it myself! Will let you know how it works out). I would also be tempted to decorate these with some edible glitter.

Also, I'll be replacing the mint with something else. Not really a fan of mint as a flavour, and I've never really thought mint and meringue go together.

Strawberry Santas

I do believe that you should eat fruit and vegetables in season, and I don't like buying food that has obviously been hot housed or imported. But a plate full of these Strawberry Santas may well be my exception to the rule. First, they are the cutest Christmas snack I have come across. Second, they're at least a little bit healthy. And third, they look dead easy to make.

One punnet of strawberries, a can of whipped cream, and some strawberry jam to stick them down on the plate.

I got the recipe for these from this website HERE. Obviously it is an Australian site, so strawberries will be in season down under.

Reindeer Biscuits

Where would Santa be without his faithful reindeer? He certainly wouldn't be able to make all his deliveries, that's for sure. As far as I could tell, since the original website is in Romanian, the biscuits above use ordinary biscuit recipe mix, with Smarties for eyes and nose, and mini pretzels for ears. The Smarties do appear to crack a little in the baking process, but the concept works well.

I also found this really cool recipe for Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies. These look pretty much the same as the biscuits above, but with chocolate covered mini pretzels, and of course, peanut butter. One other thing about this recipe is that the cookies look a lot plumper and more moist. The usual caveat of course - check there's no nut allergies if making for a class party etc.

Santa Sleighs

We've got Santa, we've got the reindeer. Next up, Santa's Sleigh. What I really like about this recipe, found on the Best Recipes website, is that it is a no-bake recipe. You're basically putting together a number of different Christmas treats in one cute little package.

It uses a mix of melted chocolate and icing sugar to make the base stick to the candy cans, and the sleigh itself is simply a Milky Way bar.

Snowman Cupcakes

Now these are pretty smart looking snowman cupcakes, and if you want to go the whole hog, the recipe and instructions for this icing decoration can be found HERE.

Personally, I'd be more inclined to just make up some white icing, stick a mouth and eyes on using chocolate decorating dots, and mini chocolate buttons, and an orange candy or jelly of some kind for the nose.

I did find a superb idea for a top hat for the snowman using a rolo and a giant chocolate button. If you want to do something a bit different, and also in my mind slightly warped, then do take a look at - Defrosty the Snowman!

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