Christmas Freebie: Free 26 Page Mini Photobook @ Lidl

This is an utterly awesome Christmas freebie as you can nab an ace photobook from Lidl without paying a cent. The process to get your free photobook is easy peasy and it would make someone a lovely Christmas gift indeed.

Ok, so, to get your Christmas freebie go to the site and download and open the Lidl Photo Software. You have to do this in order to get the free photobook, otherwise it won't work. Once you have downloaded your software, select the Mini Photo book option.

Then select 26 pages in the top left-hand corner. Create your booklet with your photographs, have some fun, enjoy the experience and then, when you hit the checkout, enter the code freephotobook456. This will now make your photobook completely cost free. Bargain.

Now, how is that for a Christmas freebie I ask you? If you order now, you will get it in time for Christmas but it is 4-6 days delivery so don't delay!

Thanks to lisamslater at HUKD!

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