Christmas Freebie: ElfYourself

16 November 2010

elfYourself If you've never experienced ElfYourself then you're in for a treat! If you have, then ohhhh yes, REJOICE, my ElfYourself friends...because it's BACK!

(Click HERE to see me make an ElfYourself fool of myself - and NO, you can't expect to see me dancing like this at the PlayPennies Christmas party!)

I love Christmas but I loathe writing out hundreds of Christmas cards!

So I don't, I send eCards instead - not only do I spare myself RSI, save myself a small fortune not having to buy stamps, but I can sleep with a clear conscience knowing that I've done my tree-hugging environmental bit.

I also know that the recipients of my ElfYourself family Crimbo card will have a good laugh when they watch it, and that is priceless.

Here's what you do:

Go to the ElfYourself website and create up to five elves, by uploading the faces you want to appear on your card.

Then choose a dance - you can be a disco, hiphop, 80s, surfing or singing Elf.  This part alone is enough to make me giggle like a little child; my favourite this year is hiphop or singing.

When you've done that, have it emailed to yourself.  You'll get a link to your ElfYourself movie that you can then send out to your Christmas card list.

You can also share on Facebook and Twitter or you can download it for £4.99 if you r e a l l y want to, or have your Elf put onto mugs and goodness knows what else.

This is such great fun and being able to do it for free makes it even more of a festive frollick (really...forget the mugs).

Go on, ElfYourself and, if you're game, share them with us by posting your ElfYourself link as a comment *grin*

Thanks to swiftyboy over at HUKD

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  • Amanda
    Thank you for sharing this site with us. I had a lot of fun playing with it!

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