Elf For Christmas 24 Advent Letters £12.95 @ Elf For Christmas

Elf For Christmas 24 Advent Letters £12.95 @ Elf For Christmas

The Elf trend has become even more popular year after year, there are now lots of props and accessories you can get for your elf to really make it special for your little ones.

This Elf For Christmas 24 Advent Letters is a wonderful way for your little one to receive a letter from the elves daily in the countdown to Christmas.

This gorgeous set is available for £12.95 from Elf For Christmas. It contains 24 letters, one for each day of advent all from Pip McJingles, an elf who is getting ready for Christmas at Santa's workshop.

Arriving in little numbered envelopes, these enchanting notes will let children in on the secret fun, magic and mayhem that goes on at Santa's workshop throughout December.

Hide these notes around the house daily to give little ones an insight into the fun in Santa's workshop that the elves are having. I am sure they will love finding these little surprises to open!


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  • Niki S.

    , these are cute. A bit pricey though & not sure if any of them threaten the naughty list :joy: xx

    • Ellen M.

      Aww these are great thanks, I can't wait for the Elf to arrive :joy: xx

    • Maria C.

      Got them already :see_no_evil: won’t be long til twinkle arrives again xx

      • Rebecca D.

        Poundland have a post box and a pad of 25 notes from the elf, similar idea but it's a fair bit cheaper

        • Amiee S.

          pound trip needed

          • Vicky L.

            Are they already written notes off the elf Rebecca ? I can’t be arsed to think up new things to write every day :joy::rolling_eyes: xx

            • Claire B.

              get yourself to poundland

              • Megan H.

                In my local it’s elf reports with the post box if that helps anyone

                • Paula M.

                  Ah, I'm on it!!!!

                • Leanne S.

                  Awesome! Hid buddy last year keeping him "safe" and can't remember where he is :joy::joy:

                  • Sophie K.

                    Hmmmm have to get looking so the fun can commence again I can't wait :joy::joy::joy:

                    • Heather S.

                      Wonder if I can make this mmm

                      • Margo R.

                        Aww that’s a really cute idea :heart_eyes:

                        • Caroline Q.

                          Ack Katelynn would love it. Would i remember though :thinking::joy:

                          • Dan F.

                            Oh this looks good ... we should look at getting one of these xxx

                            • Laura H.

                              That’s a bit expensive really

                              • Kaeley J.

                                i think it’s a great idea xx

                                • Carly P.

                                  That's good but reckon I could do my own cheaper haha x