Christmas Cupcakes And Decorated Gingerbread Review

I have gone Christmas baking mad this year and have already made no less than six Christmas cakes already. These are presents, obviously so stop staring. I then decided that I definitely wanted to make my own Christmas decorations with gingerbread men and styles, as well as some cute cupcakes for those Christmas get togethers at home.

So I took up the awesome deal on Reader’s Digest for both books – Christmas Cupcakes and Decorated Gingerbread – for £9.99 instead of £19.99. Nice saving of £10 off the original price there. Then I started on the gingerbread book. I am still afraid of cupcakes, I am just rubbish at them…

There are two very specific gingerbread recipes in the book – one classic and one chocolate. The chocolate gingerbread adds in some ground almonds, treacle and cocoa to deliver a rich flavour. I made my first batch copying the instructions exactly but without a food processor. I don’t have one as there is no space in my current kitchen.

The final dough was  crumbly so I had to add 1/4tsp of water to get the right consistency. Once that was done, the gingerbread men I made were perfect. And this was my first time ever. Honestly fabulous. The ideas in the book are really just that, though. You get two basic gingerbread recipes and the rest of the book is clever ideas on how to ice them. Incredibly useful for people who aren’t that artistic, like me.

The Christmas Cupcakes book had me drooling. There are some designs in there that are utterly delectable and that, on a brave day, I am going to try. Unfortunately I never had time to make the cupcakes before this review went live but I can assure you that the ideas for decorating and the different flavours on offer, are really diverse.

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