Christmas Chocolate Tubs 2 for £7 @ Tesco

Christmas Chocolate Tubs 2 for £7 @ Tesco

The Christmas supermarket war has already started and it's only September! Just last week we told you about the big Christmas tubs of chocolates on sale for £4 each, but from tomorrow 14th September Tesco will be selling them at 2 for £7!

When you consider how much chocolate or sweets you are getting in these tubs it works out at brilliant value for money - though the big question is whether anyone will be able to put them aside for Christmas or whether we will just start munching on cheap chocs now!

There's seven different choc and sweetie tubs to choose from and you can mix and match and two for £7. Here's what's on offer:

The offer in online and in stores at Tesco for one week only, from Wednesday 14th September to Tuesday 20th September.

So will you be able to buy them and resist them for three long months? I'll be grabbing some for a treat at the weekend I think!


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  • Amy H.

    get ur stash in lol

    • Martine C.

      £4 at asda :joy::joy:

      • Kelly M.

        £4 for 1 or 2?

        • Samantha H.


          • PlayPennies

            They're £4 each at Asda, but this is 2 for £7 so it works out at £3.50 per tub. :)

          • Clare C.

            I am going on Thursday

            • Becca R.

              Xmas is 3 months away!!! !!

              • Nelia E.

                Omg these r a must

                • Lisa R.

                  I loved those ones you brought round ours last year !! Xx

                  • Nelia E.

                    Which ones were they? Xx

                  • Ema L.

                    stock up lol xxxxxx

                    • Louise H.

                      OMG I hate Xmas this early lol

                      • Vicki C.

                        If i buy them now they wdnt last :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: xxxx

                        • Michaela V.

                          Who is going to tesco???

                          • Hayley H.

                            we will have to go and get some x

                            • Trudy F.

                              Well as I might be passing tescos....

                              • Hannah S.

                                must stay strong......

                              • Donna-Marie W.

                                tesco tomo...stack up on these, NOT for u to eat by next WK ..

                                • Ellie C.

                                  I'm 8 months pregnant, I intend to eat them before October :joy::joy:

                                  • Sophie M.

                                    This does not bode well for us :joy:

                                    • Steve M.

                                      OHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDD.... Why would you even show me this,,, gonna buy loads now... NOB :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

                                    • Stacey I.

                                      I am going this week for them

                                      • Alexandra M.

                                        .. About to get seriously fat :joy::joy::joy:

                                        • Nik R.

                                          You know it best time to have lots of storage....

                                          • Alexandra M.

                                            Fat storage :joy::joy::joy:

                                          • Terri K.

                                            need to get some in for Christmas

                                            • Nat W.

                                              :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: don't think they'll last another 3 months in my house tho :laughing:

                                              • Gary M.

                                                And how much smaller will the tubs be this year!!

                                                • PlayPennies

                                                  Quality Street has gone down from 780g last year to 726g this year, all the rest are the same.

                                                  • Belinda W.

                                                    Who likes Nestlé chocolate anyway???

                                                    • Gary M.

                                                      just as I thought!! A rip off as they used to be 1kg tubs,:rage:

                                                      • Gary M.

                                                        Cadburys has gone downhill too since the Americans bought it!!

                                                        • PlayPennies

                                                          There's sweets too if you don't fancy the chocolate? Haribo, Swizzels and Rowntrees Tubs are in the 2 for £7 as well. :)

                                                          • Caroline E.

                                                            Celebrations FTW