Christmas Bedding, Cushions & Blankets From £5 @ Asda

Christmas Bedding, Cushions & Blankets From £5 @ Asda

Are you ready to pick this year's Christmas Bedding? We got a little bit excited today when we saw that Asda have just added their new Christmas Duvet Covers online, and there's matching cushions and blankets too! Bedding starts from £10 and matching accessories are from £5.

Its hard to pick favourites, but these are the ones that caught our eye - check out those Elf On The Shelf and Unicorn designs!:

There are some gorgeous designs, and we think some of them will sell out right away so get first pick now before the official Christmas launch!

Most of the duvet sets come in Single, Double, King and Super King, and these are all available to pre-order with delivery due from around 4 weeks time, so you can't get your mitts on them just yet but you can order them now.

Click and collect is free, or home delivery costs £2.95.


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  • Helen T.

    Omg xmas unicorn bedding

    • Bernie J.

      Consider it bought :joy: leave the surprise for lee till Christmas x

      • Helen T.

        I won't tell him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

        • Bernie J.

          I think I need the naughty elf

        • Cerys J.

          you wanted to look at xmas stuff xx

          • Gill C.

            I'll just leave this here!

          • Louise P.

            I want the Elfie duvet cover :joy::joy: xxx

            • Lisa R.

              For someone who dosnt like to mention the C word and even blocked me !! before December you seem to be tagging me in a lot of xmas stuff :joy::joy::joy:

              • Cara F.

                Woohoo al have to get sum :snowman::christmas_tree::santa: x

                • Christine G.

                  I know I think the present one is class xx

                  • Cara F.

                    Defts the best lukin one x

                    • Lindsay D.

                      Cos u like it it's fine for me to tag u just u don't tag me :joy::joy:

                      • Leah J.

                        Countdown for the Christmas bedding x

                        • Elle W.

                          The santa throw has sold out :cry::cry::cry:

                          • Amy D.

                            Will be good for bedding for seren with it being double

                            • Nicky L.

                              Ooooh I love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                              • Laura B.

                                I am so tempted to get xmas bedding!!! x

                                • Vicki C.

                                  I love it when Christmas starts to get mentioned x roll on the shopping

                                  • Kayleigh F.

                                    :grin::grin: payday Friday guess where I'm going!!!!

                                    • Katie N.

                                      I was looking at this earlier x

                                      • Alana T.

                                        me too just not the shopping ! Xx

                                        • Lynne K.

                                          Two of each keep things symmetrical

                                          • Arry C.

                                            Squeeeeeeeeee!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: