Chocolate Wine Is Back At Aldi!

Chocolate Wine Is Back At Aldi!

Chocolate and wine, two of my favourite things. I must say I haven't thought of combining the two before but why not? Thanks to Aldi you can now get your hands on Chocolate Wine! Yes you read that right, Chocolate Wine is now a thing!

Aldi has released a chocolate wine that’s bound to get anyone with a sweet tooth excited! The Rubis Chocolate Non Vintage Wine has made a welcome return to stores again, after it's sell-out limited run last Christmas.

It's competitively priced at £9.99, and is a Tempranillo red wine combined with decadent dark chocolate that makes the perfect dessert wine.

This is definitely going to be a hit at Christmas, I may even leave a glass out for Father Christmas to enjoy!

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  • Tara F.

    I wonder if I'll like this?! X

  • Nicola M.

    wine i might actually like

  • Sharon M.

    Worth a try :blush::wine_glass: xx

  • Tina F.

    Oh my :scream::scream::thumbsup::thumbsup::blush::blush::blush: x

  • Alex P.

    Hmm now I am not sure about that but will give it a go x

  • Charmaine M.

    I saw this the other day! :heart_eyes:

  • Bethany M.

    Yeah defo it's something different xx

  • Mandy K.

    M & s have chocolate wine and it's only £10

  • Katie B.

    Oh my God yes!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Cathy T.

    I like both but not mixed together:rolling_eyes:

  • Kayleigh P.

    Not when drinking but sip like baileys I except xx

  • Laura H.

    Not sure how nice this would taste but I'd give it a go!

  • Claire H.

    I still have mine in the cabinet lol. mmm may have to get it out one weekend when we r back xx

  • Amy B.

    Yea that's true, I didn't think about sipping only tipping (down my neck) :joy::joy::joy:

  • Lynne C.

    Might have to give it a try :wink:

  • Sarah B.

    Try for Christmas :smile::smile:

  • Ann-marie T.

    Indeed I should and I will xx

  • Karen P.

    Wonder what like..ive tried chocolate wine b4 x

  • Donna J.

    OMG!!!! :smiley::smiley: Roll on!! I'll grab us a bottle to wet the baby's head :smile::thumbsup: xx

  • Claire S.

    Omg I think that’s crimbo sorted :joy: xx

  • Fin C.

    Hmm. It'll need to be put to the test lol.

  • Jo L.

    Mmm Costco sell it for about £9 xx

  • Sam P.

    Or I'm thinking it may taste rank lol

  • Ali W.

    Oh I dunno but I'd certainly give it a go!

  • Leah P.

    its priced cheaper than everywhere else too, i’ll just have to try a bottle now won’t I? :yum: xx

  • Helen C.


  • Kelly C.

    Feel seek thinking about it x

  • Donna J.

    It's lush :ok_hand: but like Bailey's, you can't have too much or it will be sickly lol xx

  • Marie P.

    I was reading about this the other day x

  • Sarah D.

    Sounds minging lol red wine is vile

  • Tasha M.

    Wow my 2 fav things :joy::heartpulse:xx

  • Dawn M.

    Love the wine not so struck on the chocolate :joy::joy::wine_glass:

  • Rachel A.

    Ooo... deffo going to try that!! Xx

  • Gail H.

    Paid £6-99 in Costco 2 weeks ago

  • Victoria R.

    It sounds disgusting :mask:

  • Charlie T.

    I know! Me and rob have had it before xxx

  • Cheryl G.

    errrrr that sounds vile x

  • Denny S.

    Naahhhh it's worth a might be surprisingly good.x

  • Lila R.

    I’ve tried it it’s lush !!!!! X ha ha

  • Jo W.

    Haha I really don't know :thinking::joy:

  • Jenna M.

    Had it before and it's rank!! Not for me x

  • Lynette C.

    we got this at good food one year!!

  • Lucy S.

    Chocolate wine is amazing !

  • Michelle O.

    Chocolate wine!!! We need this in our lives

  • Verity S.

    Not sure if I like the sound of that :thinking: x

  • Nichola S.

    I Will have to get some for us to try :wink:

  • Lauren S.

    Al get down on Thursday lol x

  • Leah S.

    I’ve had that before I didn’t like it, mind you I don’t really drink red wine

  • Claire W.

    Does it not taste chocolatey ?

  • Hannah B.

    Waaahh I’m there it’s fit!! Got a to be cheaper than what I paid first time round lol x

  • Leah S.

    Ooh I dunno it must have been about ten years since I had some :joy:

  • Lindsay F.

    I'm def gonna get it. Wil giv u my verdict when I've downed the whole bottle x

  • Charlotte G.

    Oooft not sure how I feel about that :mask:

  • Mollie B.

    We have to try that! It sounds kind of gross tho :joy:

  • Samantha F.

    What a waste of chocolate ;).

  • Ian E.

    Wine and chocolate best of both worlds?? Lol

  • Pam J.

    Oh right I,ll have a look for it :yum::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Lorraine M.

    I got this from costco.... So yummy xx

  • Katie W.

    Again....worth a try right??

  • Sam T.

    Yeah I'll stick to the two separately i think. That sounds gross

  • Jo W.

    We need to get this!!!! X

  • Lorna M.

    Why not, 2 of my favourite things in one it’s got to be worth a try!!!

  • Liza G.

    I have heard it's the only thing that gets you through.. I should probably stock up now...

  • Lorna M.

    It’ll never be better than white chocolate vodka from rev tho

  • Valerie H.

    Will be in the trolly on Thursday! Xxx

  • Debbie C.

    Oh dear :see_no_evil: no sure about this one :thinking:

  • Emma R.

    Yes and it was bloody lovely, I should of had a free one with all the selling I did :joy:

  • Kelly T.

    Might have to get some for r Xmas party mate xx

  • Hannah B.

    deffo do! It’s fit! :grin: x

  • Victoria G.

    Hahahah will keep an eye out :eye:

  • Nikki F.

    Aldi prossecco is the best! Xx

  • Stacey C.

    Yes, yes we should :grin: xx

  • Clare M.

    Aye I’ll share double the amount I usually buy :joy::joy:

  • Stacey C.

    9.99 from aldi from November so keep our eyes peeled xx

  • Caroline D.

    Hell yay

  • Natalie W.

    Ok i'm willing to try it for research purposes x

  • Fiona M.

    Not going to lie ...this sounds vile :joy::joy:

  • Stephanie H.

    Wonder if it’ll taste like baileys x

  • Lizzy F.

    I wonder what it's like xx

  • Linda M.

    It is yummy I bought it from Costco last year

  • Hazel T.

    Oooh sounds a bit strange but willing to give it a go :grinning::grinning:

  • Rebecca Q.

    I need to go to aldi tomorrow aswell :yum:

  • Coreen O.

    oh is it... nae fancying it at all ha ha

  • Louise C.

    Think it would be more of a 'pudding wine', do you think it would be really sweet?xx

  • Lowri K.

    I am willing to give it a whirl :joy::joy:

  • Carla S.

    I don't buy the chocolate alcohol lol

  • Marie M.

    I might have a taste next time I'm there. But if it's nice I may have to have another :joy:x

  • Karen R.

    Oohhhhh I going aldi Thursday!! Xx

  • Amy M.

    what a time to be alive :wine_glass: and :chocolate_bar:

  • Jess C.

    we totally deserve this right?! Xx

  • Kirsty C.

    xmas dinner sorted :dancer_tone2::dancer_tone2:

  • Kloe W.

    I'll have 5 bottles, thanks :kissing_heart:

  • Rachel B.

    Sounds amazing, surely life is complete now :joy: xx

  • Kloe W.

    Yessss I'll try find a bottle!!

  • Ceri R.

    Will try get there this week

  • Matthew S.

    Im not sure that sounds good or bad haha

  • Julie M.

    If it tastes like dairy milk I’m sorted! xxx

  • Louise J.

    This is delicious had it twice before

  • Deb R.

    I’ve bought this previously at bluewater shopping centre, at a pop up Christmas stall a few years ago, i wasn’t expecting to like it but was actually really nice. I would recommend, im sure it cost me more than this as well.

  • Tracey C.

    We found it today in Aldi in Sale. Not tried it yet but thank you :heart: x

  • Beth M.

    Oooo that sounds nice :heart_eyes:

  • Rachel H.

    Ohhh need to try this hehe xx

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