Cadbury, Merryteaser, Galaxy & Mars Advent Calendars £1 (was £2) @ Tesco From 8th November

Cadbury, Merryteaser, Galaxy & Mars Advent Calendars £1 (was £2) @ Tesco From 8th November

Got the kids their advent calendar yet? If you're after a budget chocolate one you don't have to stick to the Kinnerton poundshop ones, as the supermarkets have now dropped some Cadbury and Mars ones to £1 each as well!

Here's what you can get for £1, down from £2 at Tesco:

Although some of these are also on offer at Morrisons* for this price they are showing as out of stock for online orders, so they may be a little more difficult to get hold of.

Offers are in stores as well as online for Tesco and Morrisons grocery customers, and are subject to availability.

Merryteaser for me please!


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  • Linsey R.

    Guess where we will b goin tomorro

    • Liz M.

      O we have to get these for kids x

      • Lyndsay D.

        I still want a kinder one for myself but I’m willing to pay that for me haha xx

        • Kelly M.

          Haha im gettin a galaxy n maybe a malteser just cos im greedy lol zx

          • Lyndsay D.

            I’ll get riley galaxy and Ellie dairy milk. I’m defo having kinder lol but ones enough for me haha xx

            • Michaela P.

              Will have to have a look when over at the weekend :blush: thank you xx

              • Amanda P.

                Typical I can't get to Tesco! X

                • Joanne B.

                  a think am goin to go get mine 2moz x

                  • Louise R.

                    I got some in Morrisons at the weekend, they were £1.00 too

                    • Nikita P.

                      Galaxy or malteaser for me please! Which ever they have left x

                      • Nikki F.

                        I seen I need a galaxy and mars. Won’t get to go as working all day x

                        • Sara M.

                          Typical! I bought the Malteser one today.

                          • Lisa H.

                            I'm getting us one for sure x

                            • Kirsty G.

                              Ooh could do with getting two of these ready for coming home xx

                              • LLeeanne T.

                                I got mine. Could be doing with 1 more though

                                • Tracy M.

                                  We will need to get some on Thursday when I'm off!

                                  • Kathryn M.

                                    Bonus I'll go over after school run x