Butterfly & Unicorn Beauty Advent Calendar £10 @ Matalan

Butterfly & Unicorn Beauty Advent Calendar £10 @ Matalan

We already showed you the amazing Unicorn Advent Calendar for kids over at Accessorize, if you missed it click here.

Well now we have found another one, hurrah! The Butterfly and Unicorn Beauty Advent Calendar is just £10 over at Matalan. Hurry before it sells out!

This gorgeous advent calendar is just bursting with goodies behind it's 24 doors, it's a fab way to countdown to Christmas and makes a nice change from a chocolate advent calendar.

So what's included I hear you ask, well there's 24 beauty treasures including nail polish, eyeshadows, lip balm, lipsticks, mirror, comb, hair bobbles, hair clips, rings, bracelet, applicator brush and toe separator. Everything you will need to prepare you for the festive season.

Not only do you get all these gorgeous treats you also have a beautiful advent calendar that is adorned with unicorns, rainbows and butterfly's!

Home delivery is £3.95 and becomes FREE on orders of £50 or more. Or you can Click and Collect your order for FREE to your local store. Don't forget to take a look in store too to save on delivery costs.


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  • Sharon B.

    bet Jess would love this x

    • Gemma C.

      indee would love this

      • Laura C.

        just something else with unicorns on hahaha :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:

        • Amie W.

          OH MY GOD :flushed::two_hearts:

          • Ebony S.

            I need one

            • Katie H.

              :unicorn: unicorn made me do it....

              • Rafael G.

                this would be perfect for bells

                • Amy S.

                  this one looks good. Xx

                  • Juliette D.

                    This surely is a must :unicorn::nail_care_tone3::lipstick: xx

                    • Lynne F.

                      Fabulous!!! I was so gutted the one the other day was for kids!!! :joy::joy::unicorn::unicorn: xxx

                    • Jenna C.

                      Got one for my daughter cheers.

                      • Laura D.

                        Beats white choc eh haha xx

                        • Emma J.

                          Oh god :see_no_evil: she came down after school today with a pink face ... She'd used her cream blusher like bronzer :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xx

                          • Laura D.

                            Haha oh the joys :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::kissing::kissing: xx

                          • Gillian P.

                            I think I know a little girl who would love this x

                            • Mark G.

                              Gill that's actually genious that is hahaha :) as they dont really eat choco anyways :thumbsup::thumbsup:xx

                            • Lauren L.


                              • Nikki H.

                                Shes got 2 sets of unicorn bedding now :-) and unicorn lamp in her room

                                • Suzanna P.

                                  Lily would like this X

                                  • Heidi B.

                                    Ha she certainly would!

                                  • Clare W.

                                    Omg unicorns and make up, Amelia would love it :blush:

                                    • Wendy R.


                                      • Natalie P.

                                        I want one! :unicorn:

                                        • Leeann C.

                                          Omg thank u I have just ordered this x

                                          • Natalie G.

                                            Oh my life, I want!!!!