Busy Pictures Review

I have to say that I am really impressed with the BusyPictures acrylic photo block I ordered just the other day. Not only was delivery quick and efficient, but the actual product is an amazing Christmas gift that I cannot recommend enough. Here’s why…

The acrylic photo blocks from BusyPictures cost from around £19.99 although at the time of writing they were on sale with 50% off so the cost of the 23x15cm block was down from £79.99 to £39.99. And that is a very reasonable price for a really cool product.

The process of choosing your block and setting it up is really simple. Just select the Let’s Get Started button and follow the onscreen instructions. They are very self explanatory and it is hard to go wrong. You do need to adjust the photograph to fit the style of the block so make sure that the one you choose suits being cropped at the top and the bottom.

I did mine in very short order and soon was waiting for it to arrive. When it landed, the acrylic photo block came in a neat black case and securely wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it. And when I opened it I fell in love. You can view the photo secreted away inside the block from all angles, except the back obviously, and it delivers this fabulous 3D effect.

The acrylic photo block is also very heavy, not massively so, but heavy enough to make it perfect for standing alone on a mantelpiece or used to hold books up or any other creative use you can come up with. Ours has pride of place on our fireplace and has had so many comments from people. They have all wanted to know where we got it from and how much it cost.

For me, the acrylic photo blocks from BusyPictures.co.uk are a lovely idea for Christmas gifts as they are well priced and neatly sidestep that whole “urgh another photo stuck on a mug” thing that is really all that you can usually find. This is an unusual and unique gift that takes a special moment and makes it useful and memorable. An easy 10/10 for me.

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