Bulging Box of Books (Horrible Science) £16.99 @ The Works

Bulging Box of Books (Horrible Science) £16.99 @ The Works

The Bulging Box of Books from Horrible Science is currently on sale for £19.99 at The Works. Add the offer code below and you can save another 15%, or £3, making the box set cost you £16.99. It's currently sold at £40 on Amazon so this is a  better than half price deal. Shipping is an additional £2.95, unless you add another £3.01 to your order, then it'll be free. 

Learn gross stuff this Christmas from Horrible Science and The Works*

  • Discount: 15%
  • Discount Code: NOVEMBER15

The Horrible Science books are a great gift that should engross (see what I did there?) audiences for hours. The box set has 21 five-star reviews on Amazon, so that's a good sign.

Inside this gruesome and gory box set you'll find 20 horrible books about science. These include:

  • Angry Animals
  • Space Stars and Slimey Aliens
  • Sounds Dreadful
  • Shocking Electricity
  • Ugly Bugs
  • The Terrible Truth About Time
  • Painful Poison
  • Nasty Nature
  • Microscopic Monsters
  • Killer Energy
  • Frightening
  • The Flight For Flight
  • Fatal Forces
  • Evolve Or Die
  • Vicious Veg
  • Disgusting Digestion
  • Deadly Diseases
  • Chemical Chaos
  • Bulging Brains
  • and Blood Bones and Body Bits.
Actually, it sounds like a literary feast for anyone who may love anything Roald Dahl, doesn't it? A perfect gift for boys and girls who are curious and like learning.


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