Boys Santa Suit £1 @ Poundland

Boys Santa Suit £1 @ Poundland

Santa suitHo! Ho! Ho! Having a huge Christmas party with friends and family flocking to your front door? Why not turn your kids into mini Santas? Let them greet your guests and watch everyone melt at the utter cuteness, for only a pound.

The set comes with a jacket and trousers and is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. I’m not entirely sure how big the large size is but perhaps even your anguished teen could be persuaded to enter into the holiday spirit?

I know that it says it’s a boy’s Santa suit but there’s no reason your little girl couldn’t wear them! They’d probably appreciate the extra warmth as we look at the possibility of a white Christmas this year.  If that does happen we’ll all be outside making snowmen and having fights. snowball

Although I’m not sure I could throw a snowball at a mini Santa. It seems wrong somehow...

Grab yourself this stupendous bargain from Poundland, get it in a size slightly too big so it lasts for a couple of years, and laugh all the way to the bank. Merrry Christmas!!!

Thanks to flixthebix on HUKD!


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