Blu-ray Sale @ Game

Blu-ray Sale @ Game


With the freezing cold weather that we’re currently enduring, this deal may well bring some warmth to the hearts of those of you that own a Blu-ray player. Game have marked down a bunch of discs as of this very fine day and there are some fabulous deals to be found.

Some of the Blu-ray discs are marked down to as little as £4.98, with others sitting at £7.98 and upwards. You can choose from Gremlins, Run Fatboy Run, Omen, Risky Business, Rising Sun, Little Miss Sunshine, March of the Penguins, The Fugitive and many more – these are all down to £4.98.

Those that were £9.99 are now down to £7.98 and include titles such as Unforgiven, Troy, Transfomers, Time Traveller’s Wife, Sweeney Todd, St. Trinians, Marine, Nine and Kung Fu Panda. There are loads of other titles too.

I must admit that many of these are actually quite good, usually the marked down titles are a bit rubbish, so it ‘s definitely worth a visit. This would work very nicely if you’re on the prowl for some stocking fillers.

Thanks to whereismyarm at HUKD!


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  • Crazy J.
    People have to be aware that stock will be extremely limited of these titles. GAME and Gamestation (same company) got rid of the vast majority of their new Blu Ray stock this time last year with a similar cut price sale. The majority of stores now no longer stock new Blu Ray titles. I wouldn't recommend that people take a trip specifically to look for these; for most it will be a wasted journey.