Block Tech Advent Calendar £7.78 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Midco Toys Ltd

Advent Calendar

Not willing to pay around the £15 to £20 mark for a Lego Advent Calendar? I don't blame you. This Block Tech Advent Calendar is supposed to be somewhat like Lego by the looks of it. Amazon Seller: Midco Toys Ltd has it for just £7.78 including FREE delivery so it's much cheaper than a lot of the 'alternative' advent calendars out there.

I have mentioned this Block Tech Advent Calendar for two reasons. Firstly, the price, and secondly because the reviews suggest you get random things behind some of the doors, like a woman figure with a beard. My children would love that way more than a straight up Lego one. I can hear them giggling uncontrollably already.

Other contents behind those Advent doors are presents, lanterns, trees, a girl, a boy, a skier (with a beard?),  flowers, a Snow and much more.

If you do buy this, we cannot wait to see what 'odd' items your child opens up each day, so send us photos! If you don't want to touch this with a barge pole then go and have a read of the reviews on Amazon, they are pretty entertaining.

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