Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Magical Laptop £9.99 @ Argos

Ok, so I really like this deal. You get the Ben & Holly’s Little Magical Kingdom laptop for only £9.99 instead of the usual £9.99. And considering how this is very loosely related to an actual laptop, this new price is far, far better.

Fans of Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom will love this magical kid’s laptop. They can use the magic wand to point towards the screen symbols to answer questions (if that works, that’s an ace feature) and they can play in four different game modes.

Kids can choose between discovery, quiz, true or false and music to play on the Ben & Holly laptop and the games help teach kids about the alphabet, colours, numbers, words and language skills. The kid’s laptop also helps with motor skills, emotional development (huh?) and speech and language. It looks interesting though, and could make one ace pressie under the tree this Christmas.

The Ben & Holly kid’s laptop is aimed at the younger ages, two and up, so look away if you have kids over the age of four.

Thanks to CaspernDolly at HUKD!

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