Assorted Christmas Items From 49p Plus FREE Delivery When You Spend £5+ @ Half Cost

Half Cost

It's still only September, but that's not stopping you guys going daft over the Christmas deals we have been posting. It's an expressive business and you can really save the £££'s by starting early. Budget website Half Cost have some great deals on a mixture of Christmas items... crackers, cards, decorations and more. They start from only 49p and you can get FREE delivery when you spend £5 or more. It's not just Christmas items they sell, so have a look around and see what bargains you can find.

Hands up if you absolutely detest licking 30+ envelopes for your darling child's classmates Christmas Cards! Here's a cheap solution... 100 Piece Envelope Seals*. They are pretty, festive and will only cost you 49p. What about the cards themselves? Check out these super cheap packs of Christmas Cards: 12 Pack White Christmas* for just 50p and 12 Pack Carol Singers* just 49p.

This THREE Pack of Christmas Gift Bags* is a good buy for just £1. You get three assorted Christmas themed bags, one of which is a Bottle Bag. These are handy for friend's gifts etc.

Delivery is £3.99, so you are much better off just spending the £5 to get it for FREE.

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