Anyone For Elf Mail?

Anyone For Elf Mail?

Would you go to *any* lengths to make Christmas magical for your child?

If so, you're going to love this. Alongside Elf for Christmas and trips to Lapland, you can now give your tots the ultimate festive experience – with a visit from one of Santa's helpers, courtesy of the brand new 'Elf Mail' experience from party planner experts,

Bringing the magic of Christmas all the way from the North Pole to your front door, the experience includes a bespoke letter to your child from Father Christmas, as well as a dramatic retelling of The Night Before Christmas, to ensure you max out on the festive feels.

Along with the personalised letter from Santa, each family will receive a book to keep as a memento. The Elf Mail experience costs £120 plus VAT for up to two children, lasting up to 30 mins. Subsequent children are charged at an additional £10 per head to cover the bespoke letter.

Genius idea, no? I'm only sorry I didn't think of it myself – now that's my kind of job. But what a lovely thing to club together and arrange for a little group of Santa-loving friends or cousins while all the mums and dads and grandparents huddle round and capture the moment for posterity.

We've been debating this type of festive experience in the Playpennies office this afternoon – some of us can't get enough of all things sparkle and magic when it comes to making Christmas truly unforgettable for our kids, while the more pragmatic members of our team reckon they'd rather put their hard-earned cash towards other things at Christmas.

Me, I love the idea of Elf Mail. Can you imagine your child's face when the doorbell rings and it's a real elf, fresh from the North Pole?! Priceless, and indeed the stuff that Christmas memories are made of. To book your own Elf Mail experience, email or call 01483 849 009.

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