Amazon's Sale Starts on Christmas Day at 4pm!

Amazon's Sale Starts on Christmas Day at 4pm!

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There has been a little bit of controversy this year over the timing of the big Boxing Day Sale at Amazon, as they are starting it at 4pm TODAY, Christmas Day. Some of the newspapers have reported "anger" that Christmas Day will be about shopping for gadgets rather than spending the day with family and celebrating, notably in several articles in the Daily Mail.

Amazon say they are starting their sale early due to customer demand, and most retailers seem to have started their online sales on Christmas Eve or earlier. But we'll leave the controversy for discussion elsewhere and just give you the information for you to do with as you will!

The sale starts at 4pm, and there was an early list of some of the offers published online today here. We don't know yet what else will be included, but we'll find out later.

We do know that Christmas Day this year is expected to be the biggest online shopping day EVER at Amazon, so we'll see you there after Christmas Dinner!

In the meantime we hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Day! xx


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