Aldi To Donate Unsold Christmas Food

Aldi To Donate Unsold Christmas Food

I love Christmas, but it's impossible not to think about about the excess and waste that seems to go hand-in-hand with the way we celebrate these days. Which is why my heart was cheered to read that Aldi has opted to donate all unsold fresh food when stores close for the festive period on Christmas Eve.

The Independent reports:

Aldi has offered to give all its unsold fresh food away to charities and good causes when its stores close on Christmas Eve.

The supermarket chain issued an appeal on social media urging organisations across the country to collect items left over after its branches have shut up shop for the festive period.

A statement issued by the firm says it wants to share products out with groups such as food banks in support of “less fortunate individuals” in order to “prevent food going to waste”.


Organisations interested in collecting Aldi's surplus food once stores close at 4pm on Christmas Eve can contact Aldi’s UK head office on: 01827 711800 or by emailing [email protected] but be quick – applications must be made before December 8th.

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  • Susan K.

    All supermarkets should do this.

    • Dannielle C.

      Tesco have been doing it every day for over a year

      • Jenni K.

        Morrisons do this every day too