Aldi Super 6: Christmas Dinner Veg From 19p

Aldi Super 6: Christmas Dinner Veg From 19p

Once again Aldi have outdone the big four supermarkets with their unbeatable Super 6 veg offer for our Christmas Dinner, as they have veg packs from just 19p! That beats Tesco's 29p offer, and even undercuts Asda's 20p veg!

Head to store this week and here's what you can pick up ready to go with your Christmas turkey:

  • Brussels Sprouts 500g 19p
  • Parsnips 600g 19p
  • Carrots 1kg 19p
  • Broccoli 360g 19p
  • Swede 28p
  • Maris Piper Potatoes 28p

While you're there picking up your veg remember to check out the Super 6 Meat offers as well, and you can take a peek at the Prosecco Sausages* andCook In The Bag Prosecco Chicken*!


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  • Kimberley J.

    Does Lidl have any offers on I have seen all the others have but haven't heard anything about the veg at Lidl!

    • Kayleigh C.

      19p in lidl too

    • Jacqui F.

      Bet there's non left when we get there

      • Christina W.

        That's exactly where I'm going :joy: nothing fancy about my Xmas dinner x

        • Francesca M.

          Got all these bad boys today :ok_hand_tone1::wink:

          • Claire W.

            It won't last. Makes fab guineapig food tho :blush:

            • Hannah C.

              Got mine for 20p today from asda xxxx

              • Michelle C.

                Wow!! I'm being lazy and doing mostly frozen this year!!x

                • Lindsay J.

                  They've gone even cheaper !!!

                  • Stacey W.

                    Dammit paid 29p at tesco yesterday lol xxx

                    • Jessica C.

                      There fruit and veg is awful, goes off within a bloody day:rolling_eyes:

                      • Katelyn R.

                        You're exactly right ridiculous isnt it?! Xx

                        • Jessica C.

                          Yeah, I refuse to go there now rather pay extra and it last longer x

                        • Annette S.

                          Nothing wrong at all with the fruit and vegetables I just buy enough for a few days Aldi in Wakefield all ways fresh loving the cheep price !!!!!

                          • Emma S.

                            Apparently Asda are going down to 10p tomorrow....apparently

                            • Dawn R.

                              No cauliflower but it’s ok I have one now. We don’t have a Aldi!

                              • Daniela W.

                                the farmers will be paid the same as usual folks. these are known as loss leaders. the shops will be making a loss on these because they bank on you buying other stuff when you walk through their doors drawn in by the offer. age old tactic.

                                • Michelle F.

                                  We spent waaaaaaay more than 19p!! :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

                                  • Marita H.

                                    Omg we could have saved 10p on all packs :joy::rage::rage: