Aldi Launches Sloe Gin Mince Tarts For Christmas!

12 October 2017
Aldi Launches Sloe Gin Mince Tarts

Aldi* are always up to date with the latest food and drink trends, and this time they've added a special twist to a festive favourite in their new Specially Selected Sloe Gin Mince Tarts!

They will be the prefect alternative to the traditional mince pie with their luxurious mincemeat, sloe gin filling and flaked almond topping, and they will be gracing many a Christmas buffet this year I'm sure!

Don't go rushing down to stores to grab them just yet, as they're not available until 14th November, and they will be priced at £2.29 for a pack of 6.

If you can't wait to pick up a mince pie the Aldi Deep Filled Mice Pies are already in stores priced at just 79p for 6. New varieties will also be heading to stores in November including Chocolate and Orange flavour, Salted or Spiced Caramel flavour, gingerbread topped and gluten free too. I think I'll have to try them all!

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  • Nicky S.

    On my Xmas list :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Nicola R.

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :christmas_tree: xx

  • Ben O.

    only if they're alcoholic...

  • Cath F.

    Oh I love them heated up with entry of brandy cream x

  • Victoria W.

    They actually sound really appetising

  • Sharon P.

    Wonder what they'll taste like ? Dare say they'll all be gone by the time I get round to it !

  • Stephanie K.

    Ohhhh my god those look good!

  • Louise W.

    Need some for the office!

  • Steph M.

    :joy:#ginmonster these look amazing xx

  • Becky E.

    Wow! With a massive dollop of Brandy butter. X

  • Lee J.

    Its October! Looks nice though!

  • Lynda E.

    Erm, I'm not sure about these x

  • Mark L.

    They come out on a Sunday, we'll be there :joy:

  • Kennedy C.

    These look well nice!!! X

  • Emma M.

    Oh dear...oh dear, oh dear! :joy: x

  • Karren L.


  • Wendy R.

    Need these in my life :tongue::tongue: xx

  • Steven W.

    I'll give it a go Get the insulin out

  • Natalie P.

    :scream::scream: I must have these

  • Joanne P.

    Ooooh, they will definitely be on my shopping list! X

  • Leri A.

    I’d like some mince-pie flavoured gin please. That way you get more gin

  • Zoe K.

    Oh dear lord! :scream::ok_hand_tone1::raised_hands_tone1:

  • Liam H.

    Oh sweet Jesus...I will live off these

  • Rebecca D.

    its like all my dreams have come together :joy:

  • Rhona S.

    OMG might have to try Aldi on Sunday

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