Affordable Personalised Christmas Decorations From £1.75 Delivered @ eBay/Various Sellers

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We all know that rightly or wrongly, Christmas has taken on a different meaning for a lot of us. To me it's all about my family. In our home, the run up to Christmas is as important as the day itself. Things like decorating the tree are somewhat an exciting event for us, and I bet there's a fair few families out there who feel the same.  Our tree tends to be very family orientated, and judging by the amount of you looking for affordable but meaningful festive goodies, yours is too. After a discussion between my fellow PlayPennies buddies, we decided to compile a list of the best bits of personalised Christmas decorations from eBay.

Here we go:

eBay seller: MDC Promotions

eBay seller: The Apple Blossom Boutique

eBay seller: Wine Charms

eBay seller: CanvasCityPrints

eBay seller: Lisa Angel Jewellery

eBay seller:Little Pink Wishes

Let us know if you find any Christmas decorations on eBay and we will add them to our list! Happy shopping!

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